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Females  click on dogs' underlined names to go to there personal pages

                   I own 6 Females :     listed below

Chanel is a beautiful Black and Silver saddle back. She is the estate guardian and my buddy. She is ever watchful and leary of strangers. When we have visitors, she lays close by watching them to make sure they dont mean harm. She is always a favorite, and is called beautiful by everyone. Pictures don't do her justice.


A big classy girl, with a winning disposition. She wants to please.  She is a real beauty to look at with impressive size and laid back disposition.
She is watchful of strangers .

Is cautious around strangers, but warms up when she sees Im ok with it. Just like a GSD should be. Loves to chase squirrels and patrol the estate for predators.
She is a true silver and black, which is very hard to find anymore.

Mojo is very sweet and mild mannered. She is all about chasing the squirrels and swimming.


Weezer is a beautiful young Black and Tan Saddle Back female who has a good prey drive and is a great watchdog, yet she is extremely gentle and loving to the master family and to the other dogs.

Magnolia is very sweet and laid back. She is a well balanced and beautiful example of  a  desirable  German Shepherd. Her disposition is 100% what we strive to breed for.