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I wanted to share picture of Cody who is a very good boy and growing very fast at 90 lbs and 9 months old .

Thanks for sending him to us as the kids love him and he enjoys the water and soccer :)



Mr and Mrs Thomas,
We wanted to give you an update and send pictures of our Dixie. She looks like Booze’s twin sister (same litter)!!!. She is hilarious, intelligent, well behaved, and growing at an alarming rate! She is already 50 pounds at 5 months old. We love her to pieces!  She also has her own Instagram page! @the_dixie_digest. Thank y’all for what you do, we couldn’t be happier.


Hello! I wanted to take the time to thank you for this beautiful girl I got from you back in December 2014. She was 6 mo. She was a 4th of July baby. I don’t recall the name of the wonderful lady/owner who I did the purchase with, but she was great.

I just want you to know that Winter is an extraordinary GSD. Growing up, I had my hands full with her. She destroyed my then husband’s lawn mower, weed eater, generator, pretty much the entire backyard when I was out of town for one week and left her with him. She wasn’t happy that I was gone and didn’t like him much.

However, she loved me and her leadership and protectiveness sprung as a pup. She’s intelligent, loving, and nurturing too. She hasn’t had puppies of her own, but she has a beautiful mother instinct and has raised orphan, abandoned, and injured pups that I’ve brought home.

You have an amazing line of GSD’s. My girl is very loyal, protective, intelligent, sharp, strong, healthy with strong immunity.

I shared some photos of her at her best.

Patricia Razaaq

The remarkable thing about you and Ricky is that you two remain engaged in the care of your animals long after they're in other hands.  I've absolutely never experienced that before from any other breeder.

I'm so grateful to know you guys.  You've been incredibly helpful as we worked through Zeus' obstinacy to the point where the entire neighborhood now admires him.

Of course, we're completely in love with that hard-headed guy now too.  Lorraine says that he reminds her of me.

I'm unsure if that's a compliment or not, hahaha.

Ever thankful,

David, Lorraine and, especially, Zeus

P.S.  We braised a duck (the Chinese love duck) on New Year's Day and gave the pan drippings to Zeus.  His intake of those drippings was not unlike the air going into the engines of a 747 air liner.  Again, he's a dog after my own heart.

I just didn't have any bread handy at the time or I'd have fought him over it.  But given his ravenous slurping I'd probably have lost...hahaha!

Have a great New Year!  Best to Ricky and your lovely daughter.

RE: BOOZE     ( REX x ROSE )

Hi Mr and Mrs Thomas,

My son and I were away for a week for a National Level 1 tournament. This is a what we encountered when we came back - a freaking 57 lb beast! At 4 and half months old. He is almost as big as most adult German Shepherds already. He is a little jerk. But he is our little jerk. We love him to death.

Wish you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!
Arobind Velagapudi


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Here is a belated 11 months update .

Zein weighs 95 pounds now , not sure how much more he will grow but he is a very healthy puppy .

I’m attaching some recent pictures and videos .

I’m discovering now what I’ve seen since he was very young but now I know for sure , that he is great with little kids . He is extremely gentle and careful with them . He doesn’t jump on them as he would on any adult that wanted to pet him , he doesn’t bark at them , he doesn’t move to sudden , he take the ball from their tiny hands ever so gently and brings it back when they throw it without bumping into them . It’s amazing to watch him , I had the chance to let him play with a 2 year old the other day and I was amazed at how he naturally instinctively knew to tone down his energy .

I love him more each day and to to me he’s not “ the dog “ or “ the pet “ , he’s my first child :)

He gets 1.5 -2 hours of playtime at a big dog park every morning where he runs and wrestles with other dogs , and another 1,5 h of ball fetching or just walks in the afternoon . He’s a great apartment dog because I tire him out so much he just naps at home :)

I wish you a wonderful 2019 and thank you for the millionth time for letting me have your puppy. I can’t imagine anybody loving him more
Ramona Tibrin



I saw your website and just wanted to say that I enjoyed it and tell you
about my dog.  Years ago (early 1970's) my dad needed a guard dog for an
industrial property.  He was putting up a building on a lot and had some
vandalism that the police could do nothing about so he decided to get a
guard dog.

I don't know exactly where he got our German Shepherd.  He was about 1
year old and the people that sold him parted with him because he was
getting too big for their home.  He was a big dog. On your website, our
dog looked like the picture of John and Colt 45.  He was already named,

There was no fence on the property so we could not leave him on site to
do his guard work so he stayed home with us.  By the time the premises
was fenced, we had all gotten so attached to each other that we couldn't
bare to leave Dash alone at the shop so he just continued to stay home
and guarded us.  Actually, he went to work during the day with my dad
and them came home with my dad.

Without going into all the gushy detail, Dash was a great dog. We loved
him and he loved us, especially my dad.  Yes, he rescued, yes, he
guarded, yes he loved.

It's been a long time since he died.  Both he and my dad are now in
heaven.  I have never seen until very recently another German Shepherd
that was as big as ours was so I began to think that I must have
exaggerated  his size in my memory.  Then I saw a working shepherd at
Buffalo, NY airport that was also very large like ours was.  Then I
found your website.  And yes, it's true! Our Dash really was THAT big.  
He had straight legs and a straight back.  I'm so glad I saw your
website.  Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Vesna Slavina


I recently learned that Jaeger, in German, means hunter.  Interesting.

 If I were to describe Zeus’ behavior throughout the entire period we’ve owned him it would be a hunter deprived of hunting and forced to adhere to a more docile nature.  Perhaps, Jaeger and Zeus are alike in that respect.
Zeus would certainly prefer to scent, track and capture prey.  Regrettably, in a city like Spring (a suburb of Houston) that’s not really possible.  There’s nothing he likes better than scenting, chasing (balls), biting (bite toys) and tracking.  And, he has really very little interest in other activities that most of the other dogs in the neighborhood seem to enjoy as he’s aloof to those things.
I’m thinking that Jaeger and Zeus may be closer to the original, more primordial, German lines than any of the American lines we’ve come to know.
BTW, he was attacked recently by a relatively stout, female Pit Bull on one of our many long-distance walks in the wooded parks around here.  And, despite my best efforts to use a Marine signal horn to ward off the Pit (very, very loud) she managed to get within a few feet of him.

 Of course, Zeus has heard that horn many times when other dogs approached.  So, he was not put off by it.

 For the first time ever, Zeus disobeyed my commands, broke the leash from my hand, and aggressively attacked the incoming Pit Bull, turned her (I think the horn played a role in that) and then not only chased her, but also, rolled her twice as she sought the refuge of her master who had inadvisably let her off leash.  Zeus was spectacular in his defense of me and of himself.

 Remind you of Jaeger?

 We love and appreciate so much the great gift that you’ve given us.

 Please accept our best wishes for you and Ricky for the Holiday Season.  You guys are two of our most valued friends for all you’ve done for us.  Please let us know if we (medical professionals) can ever do anything for you

 David W. Walters, Ph.D.
Kevin Koch California

Good morning,
This is Kevin from Napa California!
Oso will be 1 year old December 31st.
And Nala is 4 years old.

                                                           NALA                                                                                                                                             OSO                                                                                                                                      
BOOZE  ( Rex x Rose ) 16 weeks

47.6 lbs today. My son won his first major tournament since my Big Boy passed away 5 months ago. And Booze was there to cheer him on. And share his trophy. He is beautiful and he is turning out to be such a good puppy each day! Thank you and God bless you for breeding such great dogs!
The Velagapudi Family


Any day you can ship my puppy will be great!  You have been great!  Thank you so much for all your efforts and kindness through this process.  Another sweet baby is going to his forever home.  I am so happy for my Mom.  We so look forward to bringing him home,  and what perfect timing, Christmas!
Andra G.

BOOZE  - Rex x Rose

He was 41 lbs at 15 weeks. His coat is turning black and silver sable - Rex’s Mini-Me! Quiet a different pooch
 from the the little 15 lb, tan puppy we picked up 7 weeks ago. The 2nd photo was the day after we picked him up.
The first photo is today.

We'd like to give you an update on our puppy, Cozmo (son of Rose and Sam). He's now 9 months old and approximately 90 lbs. As you can see from the photos he's never far from our other 2 children, and has been getting along great with them. He truly believes he's just one of the kids. ?? This summer we took him on his first road trip to the Washington coast and he did great in the car and throughout the trip. I can't believe how strong he's become, but still incredibly gentle and sweet! We couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family.

Hope all is well with you and yours!

The Isgreens

                               COSMO    9 mos. old   (Sam x Rose) born Feb 11,


BOOZE   ( Rex x Rose ) @ 4 mos.old
He is getting bigger each day! Also his coat is getting darker - looks like Rex more and more. He has tons of energy!
The Velagapudi Family


I cannot even sneeze without Zeus coming to my side and licking my hand.  I think we’re in love.
He’s the most devoted dog I’ve ever known.  He’s completely, incredibly loving even at 6 years old.

Thanks so much for your efforts to breed these remarkable animals.  You succeeded.


David W. Walters, Ph.D.
BOOZE   ( Rex x Rose ) Green Collar Male

Dear Mr and Mrs Thomas,

FYI. This is for the Green Collar Male from Rex X Rose 2018. Booze is doing fabulously! I have to say that I have never seen a puppy that is as intense or as fearless as him. He is so smart that it's scary! He was barking when someone approached the front door at barely 9 weeks old!

He has been going to my son's tennis academy 4 days a week and goes to our club with us the other days. Everyone who has met him loves him to bits! He was 15 lbs when we picked him up. He is 24 lbs at 11 weeks old today. He eats boiled chicken in the morning and two boiled eggs in the evening. The rest of the day, he free-feeds on puppy food. Here is a pic of him.

Thank you for giving us this wonderful little dude!
The Velagapudi Family

SHOMER  (  Rex x Rose  )  blue collar male

10 weeks old today. He is doing so good and so smart . He learns so fast. I am so in love. Not to mention how beautiful he is with both ears standing up so pretty. He even looks so much more mature. He is so so so wonderful.
Thank you for my baby Ricky and Brenda.


Pink Collar Male,  Rex x Rose Litter , finally made it to his forever home. Due to the severe flooding here, it was hard getting him to the Airport.
Owned and loved by Khal Khalil Jad


Rex and Rose litter , born  (8 / 17 / 18)
Turquoise Collar Female

Mrs. Thomas,
Here is the confirmation of our German Shepherd puppies microchip registration in regards to our recent purchase of a puppy from you. Our puppy was from the Rex and Rose litter (8/17/18).
 We were fourth pick female, and received the turquoise collar female. Thanks again for the wonderful service from Giant German Shepherds. We enjoyed meeting you and appreciate the great experience of buying a puppy and doing business with you and your husband.

Robert Seale

                                              photo at 5 weeks old
10/ 19 /2018

Zeus, still going quite strong, is 6 years old today.  We’ve been delighted with how he’s come along.
 Thanks and Best,

 David W. Walters, Ph.D.

Zeus's Birthday Treat
10/ 16 /2018

 Hi Ricky and Brenda ,

Not sure if I’m annoying you with these monthly update emails but I thought it would be nice to let you know at least for his first year how he’s developing , maybe other people are sending in updates as well and you can compare.

Zein is 9 months now and weighs 90 pounds . He is growing taller and taller , dogs that used to look huge to me before are becoming small and fragile next to him .

I’m curious if his other siblings are just as big .

He is a beauty , very smart , very obedient and the sweetest puppy , everybody always comments on how sweet and gentle he is for such a big dog and for a breed that is usually more dominant and aggressive .

I hope you keep doing what you are doing for a long time because when I get a house i want a brother for him and I would only get it from you .

Nobody I talk to has ever seen such a big and gorgeous German Shepherd before.

Thank you again and I will always thank you for letting me be his mommy


Ramona  Tibrin

Keep those updates coming girl. Nothing pleases us more than to get a testimonial of  how the pups are doing and growing. Thats the only way  I have of knowing if my breeding program is right. Thank you a million :)
  My  1 Yr. Old  Giant Pup, SCHNEE is too big for my queen sized bed !  
Kelly Rabbit


BOOZIE   ( Rex x Rose )   8 weeks old

Hi Mrs. Thomas,

Was a pleasure meeting you today! Thank you so much for accommodating us today at a short notice! Boozie was awesome on the way home. He let us know when he wanted to take a break. Then he ate a whole chicken thigh in one sitting. He wanted more, but he didn't get any till we were home after 3 hours. I was surprised that he would eat so much at  8 weeks.

I have a question. How much chicken do you think I should feed him per day for the next one month. I'm thinking 1 chicken thigh, boiled and cut into tiny pieces, one hard boiled egg(chopped up) - twice a day and free-feed kibble. Would you recommend anything else? I used to feed my late baby 4 hard boiled eggs a day and about 2 lbs of chicken twice a week. Plus some raw carrots and free-feed kibble. Would greatly appreciate your advice.

Arobind Velagapudi
STELLA  ( Sam  x Silver Chanel ) born Sept. 30, 2016:
Hope all is well Brinda  and Ricky ,
I am a bit late, but our Stella turned 2 Sept. 30th!!! She is still the best dog ever:)
She is so beautiful and well behaved, and gets better each day.    Couldn’t ask for more.   I could go on and on about her looks, intelligence, and disposition, but i know you guys already are aware of the pups you breed.    They truly are the best.   I wanted to jump on the all black pup on your latest litter but we will be away and I didn’t want to get a new pup and leave her with someone else before she was settled with us.  So i am still watching.    I know when the time is right, it will all work out and be meant to be , So looking forward to talking to you soon :)
All our best !!!!
The McClellan family




Hi Ricky and Brenda !

My handsome boy Zein is 8 months now and just wanted to show you how incredible he is .
I just weighed him today he is 86 pounds .

I’ve attached some videos so you can see how massive he is. Without a doubt he will mature at around 120 pounds or more .

He is such a good boy , I always joke that he has a golden retriever personality :) super friendly but he already even as a pup looks so menacing I feel safe walking anywhere with him at night , people don’t know he’s just a puppy , he looks like a wolf ??

When he was small everybody would stop to pet him and kiss him now they just admire from afar ?? without exaggeration 50 times a day and I do know it’s a big number but it’s not exaggerating , people ask me about him or tell me how beautiful he is . But like I said , from afar ?? he has such a protective police dog look to him , they don’t know that if they just said hi to him he’d jump up to give them kisses .

I always knew dogs are extremely intelligent creatures but I never when knew the half of it! They are capable of such complex thinking processes as deceiving. For example if he notices another dog walking behind us let’s say a bloc away , he’ll start stalling so that the dog catches up , he’ll pretend to sniff around , pretend to pee or wanna poo , all the time he’s keeping an eye on the dog . He knows I wanna go and not wait for the dog meet up to happen and he just stalls ??

I hope You enjoy the videos .

Hugs and kisses from us

Eternally grateful for my baby wolf

Ramona Tibrin



We adore him !  We call him , "Sammy The Wonder Dog". He is the best Shepherd we have ever had
Connie Farhat

7 mos. old  Giant German Shepherd
son of  Texas Ranger x Daphne

Owned and loved by Kathie Beattie

                                             (Rex and ZZ Top)

                                 6 Month old Female Giant German Shepherd


 Ramona Tibrin tibrin_ramona@yahoo.comHide
To     giantgermanshepherds
5 months and people are still everyday shocked at how handsome he is and big ( 60 pounds today ) and what an amazing temperament he has . He is so sweet and friendly .

I try not to let people pet him on the street but when I see their face bright up with joy and when I see how they’re glowing hugging him it’s hard to say no . They always thank me and say we’ve made their day with the few seconds of affection he gave them . He might make a better service dog that goes and comforts people in hospitals than a guard dog seeing how he loves nothing more than to play and give kisses :)

He’s the best in his class by far at obedience training . It’s like he understands English , he knows exactly what I want from him. And for a treat he’s happy to oblige .

I love him more than anything. He is my whole world !

Thank you so much to dedicating your life to breeding the perfect specimen ! I hope we move into a big house soon so I can get a brother for him.

Ramona Tibrin

Firstly, as an ex-Marine Infantry Officer I’m not prone to emotionalism.  I’ve walked away from some of the most horrid experiences any man can imagine without a scar, either mental or physical.

Secondly and shortly, I’ll have some things to say about the subject above after I have a chance to compose all my thoughts and impressions of this magnificent animal and the breed from which he sprang.

He’s taught me more than I’ve taught him.  I expect our experience, exceptional as it has been with other pets, is not at all unusual among those who’ve owned Shepherds.  I suspect most have learned there’s no breed anywhere like them.

 If they’re treated with respect they penetrate your heart.  They demand of you as much as you demand of them.  It’s not whether they can live up to your expectations as it is if you’re willing to meet them half-way to satisfy both of your expectations of one another.  And, when both are willing to trust the other I think the sky’s the limit in so far as what’s possible.

 Those who don’t want this experience of near-equality with an animal coupled with nourishing the animals potential should consider another breed.  Essentially, Shepherds, properly treated, fulfil a bargain an owner doesn’t really know he’s entered into once he takes on owning a Shepherd.

 That bargain is of simultaneous learning from one species to another that ultimately results in a being-to-being understanding that allows unquestionable love and devotion.  It’s a real partnership I’ve never seen with any other breed.  That’s what I’ve experienced with Zeus.

 Anyway, I’ll have some things to say soon.  Sincerely, I should somehow bring this to an instructional session for those who want a Shepherd.


 David W. Walters (Wayne)
from Kathy Beattie
LUTZ at 3  mos. old

RE: Vets report:
You breed some resilient and healthy dogs (see attached).

David Walters
Hello Ricky !

I’m writing a 4 month update to let you know that everything is going great and he’s a perfectly healthy puppy.  

But I also wanted to let you know that , although I’m sure you love all your dogs and puppies with all your heart , I really do believe I got your best one ?? I don’t know if from the 2 Black males , Zein is that one that Ricky wanted to keep .. but boy , you have no idea what you gave me ! A treasure ! I call him my little wonder , my little miracle .  Now I may be just a tad bit subjective but he is the most beautiful , sweet , smart and and perfect puppy in the whole wide world !

First of all he’s stunning  ??. Any walk takes at least double the estimated time because everybody on the street stops us to pet him and tell me how beautiful he is and ask questions .

Second of all , he has the best personality . I worry and pay attention to the dogs he comes in contact with but I never have to worry about him ! He has 0 aggression issues ! He is gentle and slow with small ones and can play tough and keep up with big ones . He shares toys , the water bowl , affection :) he has 0 issues !

I take him daily on a 1 hour walk in the morning and in the afternoon we go for 1 to 1,5 hours at a doggie park near us , fenced in where he can play off leash with other dogs . Everybody loves him !

On days where I work from early morning to late in the evening he goes to doggie day care . Where they are also crazy about him . He is a social butterfly he plays non stop ! It’s a great facility , they have a huge indoor and huge outdoor area and outdoors they have a children’s playground basically with lots of slides and houses and castles and kiddie pools for them to splash in . They are always supervised , the people that work there love dogs and they also are obligated to put their phones away when they come to work , so they are not on their phones they are always watching the dogs , and all dogs get a temperament evaluation before being accepted . So he is safe and happy there ! I made 100% sure .

He has never been in a crate since the day i picked him up from the airport and he never will be .  I know you were worried about me living in an apartment and how he’s life will be but thank you for trusting me. Our apartment is huge , he has his own room :) he gets out of the house for 2 - 2,5 hours a day plus the days he is in daycare , and we go to the beach , we go to bigger parks and friends houses where there are other dogs to play with all the time .

He is very loved and very well taken care of . He is my whole world at this point and I do anything to make sure he’s happy .

We started obedience training and he learns very fast , and most importantly I discovered he would do anything for a bit of hot dog :)) so that makes training easy . Very food motivated dog ! Toys he only cares about if someone will chase him for it , otherwise he doesn’t really care about balls.  Unless he sees someone wants it , then game on :)) tug a war is his favorite game to play though ! I bought some  special toys so he can play with other dogs :)

Thank you so much for all the work you do to gift the world with these perfect little souls ! Thank you for entrusting him to me , he is the Apple of my eyes and very well taken care of .

If you want to see more pictures and videos you can click on this link for his Instagram page :)

I wish you a wonderful month of May ,
Best regards

Ramona Tibrin


Look how big our pups are! Mom just loves us to death! We’re about 19 months now.

Marlaina McGowan



Love those eyes.
Jada McClure


Sweet Rommel looking out the garage window! We are amazed at how smart and friendly he is. A gentle giant!!

Carla Daniels

On his way to the airport...going home to his forever family, the Isgreens

My Loves
Jada McClure

                                                     Stormy and  Wayne

Hello Ricky ,

Just writing to update you that Zein had his last set of shots and the rabies shots yesterday so we’re in the clear ! :) He’s 3 months now and weighs 33 pounds , the doctor said he is a perfectly healthy puppy .

You have no idea how loved he is . My friends make appointments to see us to play with him ! :)) we have our weeks booked in advance because everybody wants to come to the park or just come over and play with him for 2 hours . My best friend actually just ordered some of those big animal handling gloves so he can really get down on the floor and play with him and cuddle him without getting bit ( he still has the sharp baby teeth ) :)))

We tried petco training classes but they were a bit boring he already knows all of those commands he learned at home with me so I found other people specialized and lovers of german shepherds that hold group classes in open air and I signed him up for that , we start tomorrow . I think it will be more fun for him to learn that way alongside other dogs and in the open field where he can run and have a good time .

He has an amazing temperament . He is the friendliest dog at the park . He just gets along with all dogs big and small , he is super gentle to the fragile ones , everybody loves him , he has 0 aggression problems , he loves both people and dogs , he plays so nice it fills my heart with joy to see him running around so happy .

Thank you so much for giving me the best thing in my life . He truly my whole world and happiness .

Best regards

Ramona Tibrin

Your dogs never cease to amaze me.
I have surgery on Monday and, although I’m not the fearful type, I’ll admit to a bit of anxiety or even just some unease about it.  Zeus seems to sense this and he follows my every move now.
No kidding, he’s never even out of reach these days unless I shut him out of the room with a closed door.
Why, I even have to shut the bathroom door to use the toilet or he’s right in there with me in a 3’ X 3’ bathroom.  Now that’s just too cozy, a nearly 300 lb. man and a 100 lb. dog in 9 square feet.

Absolutely remarkable.
David W. Walters (Wayne)

I’m having some difficulties mentally due to poor brain circulation. In compassion, Zeus seems glued to me.

What a great variety of dogs you breed!!!!!

RESPONSE:  It is so gratifying to know that my dogs are doing what they have been bred to do. Prayers for you from Giant Germ,an Shepherds


Sending along some photos of Cozmo's first day with us.  After picking him up from the airport,
he had a snuggle with mom on the way home. Once there, he spent a bunch of time with the kids,
socializing, eating, and playing with some new toys. Obviously, that plus a nighttime crate and
new environment was a lot for a little guy who just made such a long trip,
so he's tuckered out at the moment, snoozing away. He's very much a puppy, but a very relaxed one!
We're very happy he's here with us!
The Isgreens

When you see how well kept the areas are for the dogs and pups, you can get a darn good feel for how much a breeder cares about their dogs.
It's not the only metric mind you, but certainly a big one. I have been keeping a close eye on the liter and discussing things with my wife and These folks are who we are going with.
Bri Ritter

"BIG BOSS"   ( BIg Hoss  x   Silver Chanel )
Good Afternoon,
Hope everyone is doing well. Wanted to send this pic of our beautiful / BIG boy,  BOSS. He turned 2 yrs. old yesterday. Thank You again.

 LUTZ  - Born January 12, 2018
Texas Ranger x Daphne

Owned and loved by  Kathy Beattie

March 08, 2018:   
After a long flight....Texas Ranger x Daphne Puppies in the loving arms of their Forever Mamas

Thank you for loving my puppies....




"SWEETS"   Texas Ranger x Black Mojo    2017

Hey, just sending a little update! Sweets (Texas Ranger x Black Mojo 2017) and I have been out hiking in the Lyndon B. Johnson National Grasslands the past few weekends and we were able to get some amazing photos! I wanted to send them to you because Sweets looks so much like Texas Ranger in the pictures! Thank you so much for such an amazing and beautiful dog!

Megan Fowler

03/25/ 2018
LUTZ  - Born January 12, 2018
Texas Ranger x Daphne

This is "LUTZ " at his Beach House

 K  Beattie


ZEIN ( Texas  Ranger  x Daphne ) Born Jan, 12, 2018

Just writing to let you know " Zein " is doing great . He had his second shot today ( the vet here wouldn’t give it to him earlier than 3 weeks apart ) and he’s a healthy puppy weighing 23 pounds at 10 weeks old.

Everywhere I go , everybody that sees him has to stop to pet and kiss him ! You are right , crowds are forming around him . I have never seen anything like this before ! People will stop whatever they were doing to come to us . Young and old , small kids and old folk , people in wheelchairs , people with bags full of groceries , everybody stops to pet him , tell me how handsome he is , take pictures of him .

I’ve seen cute dogs before that people gushed over but never anything like him.

Even at the vet , where you’d assume they see all kinds of pups , they go Gaga over him and take pictures and hold him and hug him .

I made him his own Instagram page , he has almost 600 followers there :))
His Instagram page is

I love him more than words can say . He’s the best thing in my life and I don’t know what I did so good to deserve this amazing soul .

He has a million toys and a million treats , I only give him the best food and only bottled spring water :) I’m taking very good care of him .

Thank you again

Ramona Tibrin

On Mar 23, 2018, at 5:21 PM, Giant German Shepherds <> wrote:

 He is magnificent Ramona, I said before..You ain't seen nothin yet.
Wait till he is about 6 mos. old and those eyes turn gold.
There is no doubt that he is a very loved Pup. You are a beautiful person and I am so pleased that you  have one of our pups. His own instagram page, huh  :)  now thats somethin. Well I have to show you two off. I am putting you on the front page of our website .

Haha ! thank you !! i cannot imagine him getting anymore beautiful than he already is ! i just cannot imagine anything on this Earth more beautiful than him ! You do such a great job , everybody is writing to me on instagram to ask what breeders i got him from ! Everybody agrees you are amazing at what you do ! I also want you to know that he will not be spayed . i won’t let him have puppies , but for his own health he will not  be spayed , i agree with what you wrote on your website and i did further research on my own .
Thank you and i will keep in touch over time !
Best regards i wish you so much happiness and joy like you brought me .


I cannot imagine him getting anymore beautiful than he already is ! i just cannot imagine anything on this Earth more beautiful than him ! You do such a great job , everybody is writing to me on instagram to ask what breeders i got him from ! Everybody agrees you are amazing at what you do ! I also want you to know that he will not be neutered. i won’t let him have puppies , but for his own health he will not  be spayed , i agree with what you wrote on your website and  I did further research on my own .


Hello, I wanted to send you a few photos of INARA,  *Turquoise Collar Female* COLT 45 X CHA CHA, born Dec. 30, 2018.
At just over 12 weeks, she has mastered recall, well over 100ft away into two different seated positions * in front or to my side*, as well as laying down, shake, is doing well heeling off leash and has the self control to walk past a bowl full of food in order to take position next to us. She has met a few new dogs, cats, kids and has shown a wonderful temperament every time.

I have a fair amount of experience in dog training
and this girl displays a level of intelligence in her eyes on par with the best I’ve ever seen.

We were on the list for a male but are so grateful Inara picked us instead.

Here she is looking smug about her first trip to work with her new Dad.
G. Hillis

              MY DADDY IS A FIREMAN                                               WHEN I GROW UP...I'M GONNA BE A FIRE DOG

Lutz (lootz) is having an amazing life traveling between the house in the valley and the house on the coast. He's a fun dog, sleeps throughout the night at the side of our bed enjoys being at the office with us all day long. All the girls at the office dote on him.  Will send more pictures.

Prince Rocca Muadi,  1 year old:  ( REX X CHANEL ) 2017
I love him and am so proud of him. 359 days old, 110 lbs, 27”.
110 lbs few days short of a year. Not being real accurate on my measurement looked like 27”.
It took me 58 years to get my first dog that’s actually mine, and I got to pick. He’s just about everything to me. And everyone just goes gaga over him.
Jerry McL


ZEIN  (TEXAS RANGER x DAPHNE)  born Jan. 12, 2018: 9 WKS.
Hello ,

Just writing to tell you that my all black puppy , Zein , is the best, most wonderful thing in my life .

I love him more than words can say . He’s such a good boy and so handsome and smart .

I’ve never had a dog before, so I worried about how am I gonna even teach him his name, or not to mention all the other things he should know before obedience school ! I worried for nothing. In 2 days ( of not even really trying hard ) he learned his name , come , sit, and now we’re working on fetch .

He has a great disposition. He associates people with pets and hugs and kisses so he is super friendly, and welcoming of everybody he sees .

And not to mention such a stud . Absolutely everybody that sees him stops to ask me what breed he is , and tells me how handsome he is .

He is a 10 out of 10 good boy . I can’t wait for him to be through with vaccinations, so we can go out into the world .

Thank you for my little angel ,




Hey everyone!
It’s Sweets’ (Black Mojo x Texas Ranger) first birthday and I couldn’t be prouder! Thank you so much for a wonderful German Shepherd!

Megan Fowler



Hi this is Ben Robinson and the Robinson family. We just wanted to send you some photos of our family member Rex Junior!! We purchased him from you back in May 2017.
Rex Junior is now 10 months old, and he’s a healthy 110 pounds and growing!!!
He’s extremely smart and protective of his family , yet gentle with children and others that he sees us interact with.
We are so happy that you allowed us to purchase  him from you , and we are considering purchasing another pup from you ,possibly in the near future. Thanks again!!!

  by  ( REX x CHANEL )   
  6 Weeks Old                                                

REX JR.  now  10 Months Old  110 lbs.




It was so good to meet you & see your beautiful German Shepherds.

Nikki has been perfect & calm on her way home: she slept at my bedside on her new bed ....first night .

She seems very relaxed outside & inside the house. She was curious on the ride home but she had no problems .

As you know, she is an amazing dog & I am so blessed to have her in my home & Life ....Thx again

Kindest Regards ,


Hello Ricky.

Bravo and I made it home to Puerto Rico just fine.  It was an ordeal but fine.  Bravo is adjusting well and everyone is impressed by his temperament, size and looks.  

Thank you so much for allowing me into your home.  I will be in touch.

Attached is the vet's certificate.

 Its Connie in Michigan that just got the puppy last Sunday. I know it is soon for an update, but I had a question for you. Were the puppies mostly kept outside? The reason for my question is that I have NEVER had such and easy time housebreaking a dog. He has had two accidents and appears to be mostly housebroke. I can't begin to express how wonderful that is! I was just wondering where the puppies were kept because this has been a terrific surprise to have him so smart!
Polar Bear x Weezer puppy: Born Aug. 10, 2017

We named her Hope. She has really grown, and doing great. She's a huge blessing
Marsha Guzik

HOPE    6 WEEKS                                  HOPE    3 MOS.

Dakota was bit by a rattlesnake two weeks ago protecting her family.  Got her to the emergency vet hospital where she stayed overnight on an anti-venom drip.  It took about a week for the swelling to go down, but she came through like a trouper.  Had her liver and kidneys checked and they tested normal.  Hope next time she corners the snake and barks for us instead of trying to handle situation herself!  Of course my husband dispatched to snake and tossed the body into the field for the vultures.

Cheyenne is growing like a weed.  One of her ears started to drop which can indicate low calcium.  Added cottage cheese to her diet and in two days both ears back up!

Will send pictures soon.



I kept forgetting to send you guys an update but I'm finally getting around to it! Sweets (Texas Ranger x Black Mojo) is doing great! She's now almost 9 months old and she's huge! It's been awhile since she's been weighted but I would say she is at least 70 pounds of pure muscle. I have a book called 101 Dog Tricks and we just started going through it and in a few months she will hopefully know everything from roll over to balancing a treat on her nose. I'm also looking into getting her involved in agility, she can leap very high and has great balance so I think she would really excel!

There's been a lot of activity at our house lately! We ended up petsitting about five dogs last month for a whole week along with Sweets and Scout (our border collie) so we had an extremely full house! We had everything from a 14 year old Boston Terrier named Pickles to a Husky named Debet and everything in between! Sweets absolutely loved Debet and it was great seeing her play with someone her own size (she tends to pick smaller dogs and Scout to play with over other dogs). And then once the dogs left, we ended up going to the shelter a few weeks later and now we have two new members of the family, Phantom and Sunday, the cats.

Sunday is very outgoing and he, Sweets and Scout play together, groom each other, and nap on top of each other and it's been amazing to watch. Phantom, Scout, and Sunday get along just fine but Sweets was too excited when I first brought him home and now she has a very healthy respect for Phantom and his boundaries! It's hilarious to see her, the big German Shepherd, defer to him whenever she sees him!

This past week, I've also been petsitting my best friend's mom's dogs and so we now have another German Shepherd and a Brittany in the house who Sweet's has known since she was a small puppy so she and Scout have been very happy! We been running around in the field near where we live and taking walks around the park in the evenings (nobody messes with the person walking four dogs, two German Shepherds and a giant Border Collie included)!

I just want to let you know again that Sweets is an amazing dog! She stays by my side or keeps me in her sight whenever I'm in the house, she sleeps on the floor next to my bed or right beside me ever night, and she has an amazing disposition! She loves humans, dogs, and cats! If we're on a walk and someone starts talking to me, she'll just lay down and go to sleep until I'm ready for us to move again! She is definitely excitable and I'm working on directing her extremely high energy, but she's so smart and dedicated that I'm so excited to see how she excels!

Thank you so much for providing me such an amazing dog!

Megan Fowler


Today’s Zeus’ 5th B-day and I’ve attached some pictures.
One is the breakfast meal we prepared for him.  We braised a 3 lb. chuck roast in chicken stock with a teaspoon of duck fat and served it with a nice roll, some sliced salami and two Slim Jims, a b-day card, a new chew toy.  Oh, almost forgot…his desert was a small container of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla…his favorite.
Another is his contented look after the meal and laying in the early sunlight thanking his lucky stars he has such great owners, hahaha.
The last one is him behind his empty bowl, giving us his best raised-paw, B-day portrait pose and standing impatiently near his leash and pinch collar hoping for a walk.  Yep…it’s all about him today and he knows it.
Please join with us and congratulate Zeus on reaching early middle age.
Wayne and Lorraine



Sam x  Silver Chanel  female born  Sept, 2016

I Can't believe our baby, Stella,  is a year old !!! It went by so fast.    
Such a beautiful and well behaved girl she is , and we thank you once again for her ????????
She still loves her tennis balls, but now has also graduated to playing fetch with a basketball :)
And the other photo is her on my daughters bed.  It was funny- she made her queen bed look so small!!!
All our  best-
The McClellans


Hello ,
We had Lily and Lyra at the vet today and our vet complimented you on your organization and the care you gave the pups. She loved what was given and how it was all listed professionally. It made her job easy :) She said the pups are in great health, heart, breathing, etc. I've attached a copy of Lyra's vet visit that was emailed to us, they haven't sent Lily's to us yet even though they were seen at the same visit.
Everything is great and the pups, as well as us, are happy.
Thank you for the great additions to our family.
Robert Brown    

Hello Ricky ,
We absolutely love our two girls, they are adorable and perfect. Our four children are so excited to have them here, and were thrilled that they arrived early and on my birthday. We surprised our kids when we went to pick the puppies up from the airport, they had no idea what we were getting. We will send updated pictures as the pups grow.
We have registered them and have named them Lyra and Lily. I have attached copies of the registrations and receipts as per the contract and we have a vet appointment tomorrow morning.
Thank you so much!
Robert Brown

Well all started about 4 or 5 years ago, when we were at the Houston zoo, eating lunch outside of the zoo, and these two teenage girls were out for a walk, and they were walking the biggest, most massive dog I had ever seen  in my whole life. We stopped the two girls, and talked to them about the dog, and asked them where they got it at. They told us about yall'ss website,,  and ever since then my wife, myself, and my kids have been looking forward to the day when we would be able to get one of your pups. At the time, and until about two months ago, we had two dogs and I've kind of set that as our limit on dogs. We still have a miniature schnauzer named piper we got from a breeder in Georgia, she's 7 years old and the tea cup schnauzer, his name was Charlie he slept in my 10 year olds bed every night and when Charlie died it broke his heart. So after all these years of watching yals website, we're now able to add a new member to our family. My dad retired from the Air Force, so I grew up on an Air Force base. I was used to seeing German shepherds almost every day going in and out of the gate leaving the base. They were small with backs that sloped down to the ground and I always thought they were weird looking, at the zoo that day it was like nothing I had ever seen before, a Giant German Shepherd with a strong straight back. Yes sir, I understand that nobody knows how big the puppy will end up being, and in the grand scheme of things, that won't even matter. We all loved a tea cup schnauzer with all our hearts. That dog we met at the park was so impressive we've wanted one from the minute we met him, he was a giant, but still gentle and we all were able to pet him and love on him, and he ate it up. So yes, if yall have a male come available before Christmas we will purchase it from any litter, but if it's next year in 2018 when a litter comes available, I would prefer a pup from Polar Bear, or any of your bigger males. We already know from years of following your website that all your dogs are gentle,friendly, and loving family members. The reason I'm asking for a puppy from one of your bigger males, was just because I was so impressed with the one we saw in the park. Mr. Thomas, thank you so much for taking the time to hear me out, having one of your puppy's as a member of our family is something we've been anxiously waiting on for a long time.

Logan Edwards

Ruger & Remington ( SAM x Chanel)   11 months old.

Marlaina Quigley McGowan :  Oh yes!!! They are a big giant love bugs!


Hi Ricky ,

I know you are about 200mi from the coast, but I hope you're not getting too much of the hurricane leftovers.  Everything is bigger in Texas!  Dakota is doing great!  I moved back to our bedroom a couple of weeks ago as she is fully integrated into the family and no longer waking at night.  She is so easy to work with and usually has commands down pat after only two or three times.  We just love her!
08/31/17:  Attached is A picture of Dakota taken today in my office with her typical ears alert happy face.  She still opens the door and lets herself in whenever she is ready to come inside and is the self-appointed door monitor for the poms.  Thank goodness, one less chore for me!  We have some large turkey vultures (about 5' wingspan) that fly overhead and she recognizes them as predators jumping up barking at them.  She also protects us from the coyotes.  They can't get on property since we have a 6' wrought fence around the full acre, but Dakota still stands guard and lets them know she is here backing up our Kuvasc on predator duty.

Hope to hear from you soon!



The two sweet loves of my life! Look at how big Schnee is compared to Kali. He is one big boy for 8 months old.
Kelli Rabbit

you aint seen nothin yet...he will grow until he is two yrs. old ! And then fill out.

SCHNEE  ( Phoenix x Daphne ) white male,  born Dec. 2016


BearXOdessa litter:

Poseidons first birthday was June 23rd. He got lots of presents , as that's no surprise, as he gets them everyday . He is certainly very spoiled and loved. He is now 110 pounds . Whenever I leave for work, and even when people are home, he cries.  He hates when I have to leave him.
When we are sleeping, and someone comes in my room, he goes crazy. He is extremely protective.
THANKS for an amazing boy. He has certainly brought light into my life.!!

Holly Hammonds


We just wanted to give you guys an update on our pup ,,Zeus , from Colt 45 an Nikki litter. On the trip back home to Missouri , he did amazing ,,,,since then he has taken his place as a member of our family an continues to impress me daily ,,, not only is he the smartest dog I've ever seen ,,, he has all the qualities an more , of a loyal ,faithful , forever watchful, German Shepherd . He Will be 19 weeks on Saturday, and is currently 59 pounds.
Here are a few pics as he has grown ,,, thanks again for allowing us to have this magnificent pup!
Joe finch


Good morning Ricky
I hope this email finds everyone well! Here is a couple photos of my little man "LUKE",  runt from the SamxChili Pepper litter. The one taken inside is when he was 9.5 weeks and the one outside was taken last night 7.5 months! He is absolutely incredible and I am incredibly lucky and blessed to have such an amazing animal. He is so sweet and loving and listens like a dream! He gets compliments everywhere we go since the day I brought him home! You truly make exceptional companions..thank YOU!!! Have an excellent day!
Lizzy Wagner



Here is Rommel in the front yard for his nightly pine cone chase!! These pics are in between the chases!! Thank you so much for the beautiful, smart, and loving babies (dogs). My friends and coworkers laugh at me because I don't cook for my husband or self but do cook for Sweet Love Rommel!! He is the center of our world!! Thanks again!


Hi Ricky :

Dakota is wonderful! Her first introduction to our cats was memorable.
She chased Machi into my office where the cat jumped up on my desk with paper flying everywhere! All it took was that one experience with a firm 'NO' from me and she now leaves them alone.    The cats are still leary of her though. She has also assigned herself a housekeeping chore: She gets all the other dogs beds from their crates etc. (not hers!) and piles them up in the corner. And she taught herself how to open the door and let herself into the house after her outside 'duties' are done. Wish she would close them again! I will attach a rope to the handle and work on that. Unfortunately she is still a puppy and I have already had her steal one of my sandals for a chew toy.
 But in the positive column, the first night I showed her the potty area around back and we have not had a single accident in the house or on the concrete in the courtyard.

She is incredibly smart and also has a sensitive soul so harsh
corrections are not for her. A firm 'no' is all she needs. Every
morning I give her a full body massage and check eyes, ears, toes, teeth etc. so she is used to my touch and that way I can take care of any medical need which comes up without her being fearful. I have learned that her motivation is praise not food or toys. We are working on house rules (wait at the door, lie down while we eat, etc.) and will start the basic commands soon (sit, come etc.).

The vet came out yesterday and gave her a clean bill of health (of course!).

I have attached some pictures:
Dakota likes to switch out her naps between her crate cave and under my cot. I always sleep with the new babies until they are adjusted and used to the routine, ergo the cot in my office. She is no longer waking up in the middle of night.

Some pics in the courtyard with her new animal family and friends. She will be allowed in the main yard (about an acre) once she has the 'come' command down pat.

The lake pics are from the front of the house and the courtyard on the side, and finally Ken and myself.

Hope this finds you both well and happy,



Hi, Mr. Thomas,

After viewing your website I decided to write as I'm not very good at speaking my thoughts thanks to a bout of West Nile Encephalitis.

I wanted to say you have the finest German Shepherds I've ever seen. I noted your dedication to Vets and Children with Autism. What a remarkable man you are! My husband is a Vietnam Vet who was spit on when he came back expecting a hero's welcome. He was in Special Forces, a Paratrooper with the 101st Airborne which was disbanded because of human loss. He was taken POW for over a month and horribly tortured until he was rescued by the few in the field who had a general idea where he was. Anyway, I'm glad things have changed for the Veterans being honored and I personally thank you for doing your share. And thank you for helping innocent children who just happen to think and behave differently from usual children.

You have created a wonderful legacy in your breeding and have become a part of so many families lives. You have fabulous dedication to preserving a breed that has practically been destroyed for the sake of looks and money. Thank you. I'm sure there are times when you just want to stop or get aggravated with people who waste your time. But you have persevered and the German Shepherds give you glory.

We are a retired, disabled couple in East Berlin, PA and sometime in the future I hope to purchase one of your dogs to train as an assistance dog for my husband. I used to train Labs. I look forward to that day, Mr. Thomas. Thank you again for your splendid breedings.

May God grant you the desires of your heart and continue to bless you and your household!

June Rahm
In God We Trust!

RUGER & REMINGTON My view From the coach...They watch my every move! #luvmypups


Hi Ricky !
We just wanted to let you know that Bunny is just a jewel!!   She is house trained, loves to be with us, follows us up and down the aisle of the barn, watches the horses but doesn't run after them, sleeps the night in her pen in the livingroom and meanders around the house with her squeeky toys.

THANK you!! VERY MUCH for this lovely member of our family.



Hi Ricky,

All is well in California with Journey (Texas Ranger/ChaCha 2/20/17).  She is growing up beautifully - about 40 pounds now - and her sable coat is changing day-by-day.  She has wavy long black hair on her back and some silver has appeared on her chest and face.  Currently, she is in training at Petco and the employees there made a special class just for Journey because she is so smart , and learns so quickly!  We have already begun working on some service animal behaviors, and noticed that Journey is especially good at retrieving objects.  I may decide to do some additional training related to this ability, so that Journey may be of assistance in the local community.  Whether Journey is by my side or in pubic, or we are visiting schools and hospitals in a therapy dog capacity, I know our time together will be fulfilling each and every day.  I retired June 3rd and am delighted to be able to be with Journey full time!

I have a question about Journey being allowed to be outside in the fenced yard.  The yard has some cement, dirt and a few plants.  The dirt area has the usual amount of small rocks and sticks - just the usual stuff.  The veterinarian here said Journey could get an intestinal blockage and not to put her in the yard.  She loves to be outside though and, so far, I have taken her out back on leash only.  She does put things in her mouth, but I don’t see her eating/swallowing them.  Since you live in the country, and have likely experienced this situation with your puppies and dogs, I would appreciate your thoughts.  In the meantime, I contacted a landscaper to add sod to the dirt area.

Ricky, I hope you are feeling better.  You are in my thoughts and prayers.



I just wanted to send you some pictures of Zeus, after we took your advice and gave him a lot more oils in his food because his coat was so poor.  It shines like a diamond now.
He’s pictured after a half hour of chasing the little blue grenade like toy in a small lot next to the neighborhood tennis courts…in near 90 degree heat.  We let him in the pool afterwards.
We’re forever grateful for your continuing involvement with the care and feeding of our Zeus long after (almost 5 years now) the sale of him to us.  You make the difference for us between a dog that disappoints and one that excels.
No breeder I’ve ever met compares to you in compassion about your sold puppies / dogs.
David, Lorraine and Zeus

Thank you for such a wonderful puppy. This is the female from December 2016,  Sam and Chili Pepper litter.
Everywhere we go we get nothing but wonderful comments on how beautiful this puppy is.
She is great with children, as well as all people. She is now close to 60 pounds and just shy of 6 months. Below is a picture of my youngest (5) getting ready for her gymnastics competition and Nikki at 5 ½ months.
The Hinchcliffs


Greetings from the Martin family!

(Just in case you don't remember us we are the couple that brought our 3 boys with us)

Beowulf ,  10 weeks old,  ( COLT45 x NIKKI  Litter 2017 )  has adjusted well with our family.
Our boys love him to death! He gets more playful everyday.
Training is going well too. He has mastered sit and has almost mastered lay down and stay.
I'll be sure to send you guys more pictures as he gets older! Thanks so much for giving us this beautiful, loving dog!

Shelby Martin


(REX x CHANEL litter)  12 weeks old

 I couldn't be more proud to have him.

Jerry McLean


Here is a pic from today!! My sweet love! "ROMMEL"


ZEUS  ( Jaeger x Maggie litter)

Just a note to say thanks for the advice on Zeus’ coat.  It now shines like a black diamond.
David, Lorraine and Zeus Walters


Here is a pic of 15 mos. old  Rommel and Tim at training!! He is so smart! Amazing!
Thanks again!

Hi  Ricky,
All is well here in California, with Journey. She is incredibly intelligent - practically speaks English - and is growing right before my eyes. I’ll send photos soon.


I just wanted to give you an update on Sweetness (Black Mojo x Texas Ranger Litter). Sweets (her nickname) is absolutely amazing! She is so attentive, loves people and dogs, she is super smart, and she's very active! We've been going to the dog park and walking every day and she's being taught by Scout, our Border Collie, to swim and to stick close while we are hiking off leash. We've been hiking for at least an hour everyday this week and once summer starts I'm hoping to go for longer periods of time and to take both of dogs on a few camping trips!

Sweets is very food motivated! Everyone at her vet office absolutely adores her! She loves oral injections (which she views as food) and as long as she gets treats, she doesn't even notice when they administer her shots! She's now 31 pounds and growing like a weed! She still loves to play with our ferret and her favorite morning activity is to slid around on the hard wood floors, chasing after Scout and Nox. She loves to follow me from room to room, she'll make sure I'm within sight while we are hiking, and she is always checking to see if I need her for anything. I couldn't be happier with her!

Recently, I also got to see what a true German Shepherd is all about. I was late coming home from work one night so when I came home it was around seven and we had about an hour left before it was supposed to get dark. I took Sweets and Scout out for their nightly walk around the park which is five minutes away from our house. Everything was going well, we were headed back since it was starting to get dark and all of the sudden, I see Sweets stiffen and start to look back behind us. I looked over my shoulder and I noticed a man walking about fifty feet behind us. The park near our house is very big and well known so its not uncommon to see people at any time of day or night, but it was strangely quiet that night and when I noticed him, he seemed to stay behind us at a constant distance. I normally would have just kept an eye on him, but Sweets started to turn, her hackles went all the way up, and she started to stare him down. She stood very erect and stiff and even when I pulled her along, she kept her posture and wouldn't take her eyes of him. By then, Scout had also noticed him and he started to try to get between me and the man. The man backed off and started get a little farther away, but as we kept walking I noticed another man coming from diagonally in front of us. Sweets and Scout did the same thing to him and I noticed the two men glancing back and forth when a third man came from the last direction. They were all seemingly working together to try to herd me and the dogs in the direction they wanted me to go, and I will be forever thankful to Sweets and Scout because when they started to get closer, the dogs stood completely upright, their hair standing on end, and they gave them the LOOK that said their would be trouble if they got any closer. The men backed off and we were able to get home safely but the whole time I was just amazed that Sweets, a 14 week old puppy and a true people lover, was not only trying to protect me, but also noticed the men before Scout who is also very protective of me at night.  

I absolutely love Sweets! She has been an amazing addition to our family and I can't wait to see what she'll become!

Thank you so much for such an excellent puppy!

Megan Fowler

thank you from my heart, for that really great testimonial. It is so good to know that the pups are doing what they are bred to do. Give Sweets a big ol hug from us. The Thomas Family
 Our pup KALI   10 wks old.  (Ranger x ChaCha) is doing great and growing like a weed. Here are some pics.
Matt Moubry



Hope this email finds you and your family well. Wanted to update you on Big Boss.  
He is now a 1 yr old. Boss is huge(weighs 125lbs)and is definitely taking after his daddy (BIG HOSS ) Hoss)  AND HIS grandpa SAM.
He loves our kids and is super protective of my two youngest.
Only word to describe him is AMAZING!

Thank you again!
Celis Family.

JULIAN : male 4 mos. old pup  (  Sam x Chili Pepper) born 12/ 2016
Attached is a photo of Julian , 4 Mos. old, laying on my husband, Scott. His brother, Luke (sold to my daughter, Elizabeth) has just about caught up to him in size. What smart dogs--and just gorgeous. Julian is 51 pounds today at his vet appointment.  Julian favors her  Mother's markings and is reddening up. Luke is a little more red, but his markings are very different. We are thrilled with the dogs...from temperament to structure. Thank you so much!!
God Bless!
Kim Wagner


Stormy  ( 6 mos. old ) has been at protection training for a month. Came home for the weekend.  She is doing very good. They brag about how smart she is.

RE: REX x CHA CHA litter / Tan Collar female born Feb. 20, 2017:

Named her "JOURNEY"

Hi Ricky,
Our flight back to CA. couldn't have been easier. The puppy, Journey, didn't make a peep and presented herself as an experienced world-wide traveler! She sat in my lap the entire three hours and when I held her up, toward the end of the flight, about 25 people seated behind us all said "Aww!" She received more compliments for her beauty and behavior than I could count.

Here at the house she has adjusted with ease. She goes potty outside and already knows how to walk on the leash without pulling. She is remarkable in every way.

I'll continue to keep you posted. We love her to the moon and back.

Susan & Ken

Dr. Susan Lily Lockman, Ph.D.

Hi Brinda and Ricky,

Thanks you for sending the AKC Registration number and pin number.

All is well with Journey.  I registered her microchip number and University of California Davis Veterinary Hospital gave her a glowing bill of health.  At night, she is sleeping eight hours without needing to go out to go potty.  Each day, she is exhibiting signs of the GSD - watchful, attentive and aware of what is going on around her.  She gained two pounds this past week!

I can hardly recall life without Journey and am so grateful to have her.  Thank you for your outstanding breeding program and knowledge of the GSD.  


Dr. Susan Lily Lockman, PhD

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”   Mahatma Gandhi

Polar Bear x Odessa litter 2016.
POSEIDON  is growing into a huge boy he is 9.5 months old and 97 pounds. He is insane as he loves to do the opposite of what I tell him which I think is hilarious. His birthday is in about 2 months where I'm going to spoil him more than I already do. He is highly intelligent just has puppy behaviors that'll will eventually go away such as being obstinate.. I posted many pics below lol..
Yes he is very protective ! Me and my big brother were playing rough and Poseidon got in between me and him. My brother backed off and all Poseidon was doing was sitting in front of me watching his every move. He is definitely the best "bodyguard" I could ever have.


Ricky, here is an Update For GRIZZ   ( Big Hoss x Nikki ) Born 03/23/2016
He turned 1 on the 23rd, so we got him a big old steak, he really enjoyed it. Hes been such a good boy, he loves people and other dogs, super playful, has amazing ball drive, and we recently got him into tugowar and hes getting the hang of it. Ive had him in trianing since he was 6mos old and hes done very very well. Very watchful of my wife who is pregnant, so Im excited to see how he does with the new baby. Never chews on stuff hes not supposed and has a soft mouth too which is awesome. We love him to death, he's the best dog and family member for us. I just wanted to let you know how his first year has been, and wanted to thank you  for breeding such a wonderful huge dog. Hes 115 pounds now. Been feeding him blue buffalo, meat logs, eggs, and hamberger meat, so hes growing very well. Nice big head, strong strong body. Hope your doing well. Take care, and thank ya'll again.
Nick Hart


Good morning!!
Just wanted to share how awesome these pups are....again!!
Not once since I brought them home have they woke me up after crating them!!

These are their third size I've gotten them, probably the last...

We go "potty"/ " get busy" about midnight when mama goes to bed and then I crate them for the night . They literally NEVER move or make a noise EVER!! They never have since eight weeks when they came home! ????

This morning, Saturday, REMINGTON heard me mama , get up... she just looked at me to see if I was coming... I purposely didn't to see what she'd do! When I sat back on the bed, she laid back down!!! RUGER, he hasn't made a peep!!
Normally I have them up by 6:00-6:30am during the week..

Marlaina McGowan

Here is Rommel with a basketball a kid left in the yard. It no longer bounces!! Haha. We took him to the vet for 18 mo checkup. He weighed 123 lbs. People cannot believe how big and beautiful he is. Rommel has learned to get in my purse and get stuff and run!!! Too funny. He is doing great in his training. He loves it!

Thanks again!!

Carla Daniels


Happy half-year birthday! Look who is six months!


We're doing very very well! We are still eating three times a day, mom gives it to us because we eat it. She's not overfeeding us we aren't overweight, but we really love what she gives us!

I know we've gained more weight, but mom doesn't want to take us to the vet scale every single day. We will probably go in another week or so and give you an update!

Remington is still the crazy full of energy little lady! She will play fetch all day long if you will play right back at her! She gives me fits and thinks she is the Alpha but mom always wins! Eventually she does with mom says. She's a lover loves to be petted and play most of all! She's very good with all the grandkids and loves to go on walks!

Ruger, as he loves to just sit around and observe while others are playing. Every once in a while he will join in and chase a ball or two and that's about it! He very much loves to please and has extremely good eye contact with mom. He to gets along very very well with all the grandkids. He also loves to go on walks!

Both Ruger and Remington but more so Remington, just cannot leave the cat alone! Every chance they get but especially Remington forget what mom says she darts and runs through the house but eventually does come back to my call "come"command!

Until next time this was your update!


I just wanted to say that white collar female ( Ranger x Mojo) and I got home safe! She did really good in the car, she fell asleep for part of the trip and only threw up once. She's so great! She's already settled in nicely, and as of right now, she's passed out under the coffee table. I've decided to name her Sweetness and her personality definetly matches her name! Here are some pictures of her meeting our border collie Scout and our ferret Nox!
She did so great last night! She went out for the last time at 11 pm and didn't have to go to the bathroom again until 6:15 am. She absouletly loves our ferret and she follows our border collie around when he's going to the bathroom. I can already tell that she's going to be amazing when she's all grown up. Thank you so much for breeding such awesome dogs!
Megan Fowler

Pups first Truck ride. 5 mos.old
Marlaina McGowan

A Little exploring on a pretty afternoon
3 mos. old puppy "STORMY ", owned by Jada McClure

                           Marlaina, Rutger and Remington / 23 weeks old

BASIC Obedience done! WHEEEW!!! Try two at a time LOL! Not happening , had to trade off each week!
Marlaina McGowan
Ruger & Remmington  (Sam x Chanel )  5 mos. old

About 21 weeks... don't know what we weigh yet, mom still has to take us to the vet to see.

We are still eating three times a day and very well I might add!
We have added in plain yogurt, cottage cheese, and ground beef. mom even got us liver but I don't think RUGER likes it much.

Remington is a pistol and a half! She wants to do it she wants to do when she wants to do it! Won't leave the cat alone goes crazy when she sees him. But the cat loves to sit in view of the dogs!

Ruger is just happy to follow her around and sit and watch her play fetch LOL!

The email I sent previously is Assc playing catch in the house!

Loving them soooo much!!

Hope all is well
Here is another picture of Stella (Sam and Chanel)at 4 1/2 months
Last vet visit was a couple weeks ago. She was 40lbs at 4 months Happy, healthy, and gorgeous:)
We will send more Picts again soon
The mcclellan family


Hi Ricky,
Here is sweet Rommel jumping in Tim's chair and claiming ownership!!


( Phoenix x Chili Pepper) at his forever home with Ms. Kelly Rabbitt


Good morning Ricky-
I hope you and your family had a fabulous Christmas and new year-
Just wanted to send a few Picts of Stella.  ( SAM x CHANEL  Puppy 3 mos old)     She is doing great  :)
The vet told me "she is the best looking shepherd he has seen in 20 years ". She really is just a beautiful girl. We had a little snow this week and she loves it. Her very favorite thing to do is play ball She tries to get two or three in her mouth at the same time. Hasn't worked yet though. The other pict is of her and my youngest daughter, Chloe, who is 6. She waits for Chloe to get up in the morning to play with her. Very sweet dog. Couldn't have asked for anything more. She is such a wonderful dog and we are lucky to have her.
Best wishes to you and your family and I'm sure I'll be in touch soon. Trying to take lots of Picts as she grows. She is getting big fast :)
Sincerely ,

Rommel and Tim relaxing tonight. Rommel is 15 1/2 months old. Last week at vet he weighed 117 lbs. He is a spoiled boy and has to have his nightly popsicle before night night!!

 Black  6 weeks old female . Phoenix x Daphne Litter.

KALI    3 mos old /  Shamgar x  Aggie
owned and loved by Kelley Rabbitt


Mr. Thomas,
Pups are very happy !! Play hard sleep hard and listen pretty well considering their age and JUST  learning.
I LOVE them to death!! My entire family does!!
They're VERY good with new visitors.. since they've just got their 3rd round of shots I have not had them out in public /Pet places yet as I wanted them to be safe from parvovirus etc..
We've already started " training " officially here at home with my neighbor who is a Service Dog Trainer.. very convenient!!
We crate when mom leaves the house for short periods.. hour -2
And sleep in moms room in our own crates..
they have NEVER. Once woke me up to potty! I stay up till 12:00-12:30 before taking up to sleep..
There in house with me most often except after eating and play time..
They eat goats milk 6:00am-7:00am
Then kibble and chicken @ about 10am/2:00pm and 6:00pm

Treats of course and I cook them bones and we munch and crunch many in and outside..
Lots of toys too!!
I bath them and brush them .. brush teeth too ( or try lol)

They travel in car well so far to vet..

This was today... their just beautiful!! RUGER (male L) REMINGTON (female R)
Marlaina McGowan
Ruger & Remington @ 12 weeks old

Dear Mr. Thomas, Just a brief note to convey our best wishes to you and yours in the New Year.
We are still perfectly thrilled with how sweet and yet strong (when needed) our Zeus is.
He absolutely loves seeing Lorraine in the morning when I bring her the first cup of coffee.  And he, basically, jumps all over her to get her out of bed for breakfast (I always make my wife’s breakfast).
Also, when Zeus alerts on something suspicious outside and when I open the door he walks outside essentially shoulder to shoulder with me.  We’re an impressive and intimidating pair when we respond to something suspicious.  And, to think that Zeus was quite shy early in his puppyhood.
Now that our kids are gone he’s the focus of our attention and affection.  And, he seems to relish his status with us…our protector, our alarm system and an our principle tool for solving security problems.
BTW, his coloration seems to be changing a bit as he’s getting older.  Whereas I would have said he was black and tan for most of the time he’s been with us, he’s definitely getting more red in his coat.
It’s not a bad thing.  We really enjoy this change in his coat.
Thank you for producing such outstanding dogs.
David, Lorraine and Zeus

Pups went to the vet again today for their 12 week check up.
Remington weighs in at a straight Up 31 pounds!
Ruger weighs in at a cool 32.5!!
Both doing very well!

Marlaina McGowan

12/16/2016    Sam x Maggie  baby (not so much a baby anymore..  LOL)

Happy 2nd Birthday to my forever best friend! No matter how big, always my little girl!??????

Casey McClure


                                 SHAMGAR X AGGIE  / BORN OCT.06, 1950

I don't know if the puppy likes her new home...
Kelly Rabbitt

Kaiser 6 months old
Shawna Hillard


Mr. Ricky, Wanted to update you on our boy, Big Boss. He's doing amazing, and continues to impress us everyday. His disposition, smarts, size , and loving and protective attitude are incredible! Big Boss is now 8mos old, and is almost 100lbs! We can't wait to see how this amazing animal matures. Please give a big hug to Boss' dad(Big Hoss), mom(Chanel) and grandpa(Sam).

Thank you again and Merry Christmas to your entire family.

Pablo  Celis


Mr. Thomas,  Here is poseidon from Polar bear xs Odessa litter June 23rd, 2016.
He is beautiful in every way, and such a great boy. He already knows come, sit, stay, down, heel, shake, high five and much more he has never had an accident and he is 65 pounds at 5 months old. And so smart. he follows his mommy around everywhere. thank you so much for making me one of the few lucky people on this planet. I am so blessed to have him by myself.. He is so spoiled he certainly deserves it...

Holly Hammonds


So this is our baby Stella. She is from Sam and Chanel litter, born on sept 30. 2016 She is about 8 1/2 weeks old in the Picts. It is our second day with her and she is amazing !!!! She arrived at the airport yesterday and no problems at all. Everything went so incredibly smooth. She has adjusted so well She hasn't had an accident in the house yet- always goes to the door it seems. My 3 children are so much in love- as our myself and my husband. She is so out going and friendly. She had her first vet visit today. He said she was just "magnificent". He said her ears are beautiful and she is going to be a georgeous dog. Also said she will be quite a big dog. His guess was at least 100 lbs. my family and I couldn't be happier with her, and we thank you Brinda and family for raising such incredible animals. She has exceeded our expectations and we are only on day 2!!! I know she is going to bring such happiness to our lives and we thank you for sharing her with us
Sincerely greatful,

The McClellan family

We all decided she looked like a Stella- and she is doing fantastic :)
She ate chicken and a little of the dog food you had sent with her She went out side to go pee and poop. Everything looked good. No diarrhea or anything. As you can see- she is fast asleep right now. Busy day for the beautiful girl. Going to vet tomorrow. I'm sure she will do just fine there. I will let you know how she makes out.
Thank you again for everything and giving us one of your babies to add to our family. She really is just precious. She just has the best disposition You can tell already. We love her so much !!!
Heather McClellan


Sam x Chanel litter, born Sept. 30, 2016

Here's your first pictures of my fur babies! The female is Remington and the male is Ruger.
Marlaina McGowan

11/29/16:   VET CHECK
Had our first trip to the vet today! Ruger weighs 15.5 pounds and Remington Was a flat 17 pounds!



Rugar and Remington  ( SAM x CHANEL , born Sept. 30, 2016  )              in their new home
Proudly owned by Marlaina McGowan

She got 2 pups :)

Sound asleep... happy pups!
They've eaten they're chicken when we got home, and then kibble and goats milk..
They've met quite a few people here at home.
Training is already underway immediately! They have rang potty bell Weather by purposely or accidentally, I've taken them outside and they've gone potty each time.
Crossing my fingers they will sleep good tonight!

11/16/2016 ONYX  ( son Of Sam)   @ 1 year old.   Owned by Eric Rook
10/ 13/2016   
We took a week off and explored the Big Bend area.  And, we took Zeus along.
He was soooo good in the truck during the many long drives.  He had the whole back seat to himself and just adjusted his sleeping position every 30 minutes or so.  Or, he would sit with his fanny in the middle of the seat and his forelegs on the floor and peer ahead over the console out the front window and watch the scenery.  Of course, we gave him regular potty breaks too.
The attached picture of him was when we parked atop a promontory that allowed us to peer into the Pecos River Gorge.  The view is spectacular.
Zeus is standing excitedly just in front of the pedestal that supports the viewing station.  Handsome animal, huh?
When we settled into our hotel in Alpine, TX which served as out base of operations, the hotel staff were awed and a little uneasy about Zeus’s size and breed.  But by the end of the week Zeus was their favorite animal in the whole world.
Strange thing, though.  Zeus doesn’t like men who wear cowboy hats, although he’s cool with men in baseball hats.  There were lots of folks out there who wore cowboy hats and sometimes he’d growl.  The hotel staff just got used to leaving their hats elsewhere and not wearing them.
Funny.  Anyway, you can add to the list another wonderful thing that your well-bred animals do well.  They travel in a truck as if they were born there.  And, they make friends with strangers easily.
David, Lorraine and Zeus
Sept. 2016
KIZER, owned and loved by Shauna Hillard

He sure loves the water



I Hope this email finds you and your family well. We have been thinking a lot about you guys since the last round of rain storms.

Here is up to date pictures of our Big Boss, (Big Hoss x Silver Chanel) 5 1/2 month old. He is truly amazing! As you can see- he's huge! 50+ lbs. The side by side picture shows the true resemblance between Big Boss and his daddy, Big Hoss.

Boss loves the kids and can't stop playing with our other dogs. Truly a family protector and companion. Big Boss does weekly training and is very smart and seems to have a person type of personality.

Thank you again for this beautiful creature!

Have a blessed day!

Celis Family

5 Mos. Old
Big Hoss x Silver Chanel


This is our big boy Gunner, pup of Silver Channel and Big Hoss. He is a whopping 48lbs @ 51/2 months. He is such a good pup very smart with a great disposition. Thank you so much for breeding such wonderful German Shepherds.

Michelle Degnan


Hi! Here's a picture of Kizer at 4 1/2 months, and 51lbs! He is a handful!

Shawna Hillard


I took sweet Rommel to vet this morning to get weight for heart worm meds. 10 months and weighed 101 lbs. He is a growing boy!

Thanks again!!


Hey Mom, Dad and Sis….went to vet today.  Got everything including a nice bath.
So, I’m up on all shots, rabies (1 yr.), kennel cough, microchip and pet insurance.
Mama Betsy is feeding me well.  I’ve gained 8 lbs. in two weeks.
Getting long and lanky.  Learning quickly, even “Go potty”.
Liked my car ride.  Needed some help getting in and out.
Hope all of you are fine and healthy.  Give kisses to my Big Hoss and Nikki.
Love, your son, Zorro
…. I wish you could have seen “our little son” today.
He demonstrated his exceptional tracking skills…at a full run.
So funny to watch him run.  I hid from him at the barn.
He looked around and  couldn’t see me.  Off to the races!
He got lots of hugs and petting for that.
By now he is tired and hot.  Had walked an acre before.
Sat by his water bucket to drink.  Then put front foot in.
So, I put him in his “pool”.  (Double sized galvanized tub.)
Now the fun began.  Splashing, rolling, biting water, kicking water out.
The more I laughed, the more he played.
Will try and get video tomorrow with my cell phone.
Zorro is magic.  I love him!
 B. Patterson

Hope this email finds you and your family well.
Here are a couple of pics of Big Boss and Titan, our American Bulldog puppy we talked to you about. Both these boys have become best of friends! Titan is 22 weeks old and weights in over 60lbs! Big Boss is only 11 weeks old and weights 22lbs! Both these boys are going to be HUGE!

Thank you again for breeding these gorgeous animals!


Thank you for the lovely time we had today at your home.  We didnt even mind the rain.
 I just want to say that pictures do not do justice for  SAM and your other dogs. Sam is so huge. By far the biggest German Shepherd  we had ever seen,  until we saw BEAR, who is a 200 lb beauty.  
We are  so thrilled to now have one of your  puppies. She made the trip just fine and is asleep in my bed...on my pillow. Thank you for allowing us to have one of these amazing animals.
Hashom Burdeen


I Hope this email finds you and your family well.

It was so nice speaking with you this morning and I'm glad that Crystal is doing better from her last mouth surgery.

As per our conversation today, you asked me to email you, to remind you to send me Big Boss'(brown collar) AKC paperwork. Thank you again for breeding such beautiful and magnificent dogs.

We decided to name our puppy Big Boss, after his gorgeous dad- Big Hoss. Big Boss has adapted to our family very nicely. Our other dogs love him and continue to train him in their pack. He is very playful and continues to grow everyday! His face and markings are beautiful. Huge paws too! He's going to be massive! Big Boss is a spitting image of Big Hoss when he was a young pup.

We will send you a great testimonial, with pictures soon. We want everyone to know how amazing your dogs are. You and Ricky deserve all the credit for these gorgeous animals.

Thank you again , and God Bless you and your family.

P. Celis
Hi ,
We have our puppy and are very happy. The kids love him and so do we. My question is what kind of food were you feeding him? I'd like to continue the same brand and then gradually change his food. Also, what do you recommend for chew toys and raw hides?
Kathy Binder
Ricky's Answer:

Kathy, I don't really like to give them rawhides because they can get a piece hung in their throat and choke to death, or in their colon and result in death or major surgery.
They absolutely need something to chew on, so I recommend rubber or nylon toys, and those crunchy snack chews made of chicken or peanut butter.
Lots of toys or they will chew your house down. It gets better when they are about 1 1/2 yrs. old  LOL. You gotta love em.

Hi ,
Quick email ....
I hope that all is well with your family. XOXO.

Attached is a photo of Axl and one of  his balls.
He is wanting me to  play with him before I take off for work.
Every morning he brings me a gift of his choice.

My children grew up with me saying NO throwing balls in the house.
LOL,  Funny how things change when you get a 4 legged child in the house.

Axl is doing well, even though he is spoiled rotten he is a very good boy, we love him so much.

Love always
Johanna, Sophia and AXL  

AXL  (Sam x Maggie)

Giant german Shepherds,
We’ve not corresponded in a while, so, I thought I’d just touch base with you and let you know that Zeus is doing great.
We’re very lucky that he wasn’t shipped to Canada and we had a chance to purchase him.  He’s the sweetest dog.  He’s lost virtually all suspicion of humans and eagerly advances towards our neighbors when he sees them with his tail wagging up a storm.  And, he’s gotten to be a real personality on our street.
Thanks for the wonderful breeding program that brought this terrific animal into out home.
Wayne, Lorraine, Sarika and Evan

My buddy Jerry Lee, a cold beer, a rocking chair, on a beautiful day in Pinehurst NC. Who could ask for more.

Doug T.

Robin Wakefield adopted Maggie after we retired her  in 2014 .
She called today to say that she took Maggie to the vet for her  health check, and she weighed in at   138 lbs.


They loved Maggie so much, that they also  got a female puppy from Maggie's last litter. Her name is JOY.
She is a  2 year old now, and weighed in at 130  lbs . at the vets today.
this photo was when she was 10 mos. old

She inquired about getting a third dog for a family member.
This is about  the best testimonial one can have.
THANK YOU Robin Wakefield:

Odin 5 mos. old
Owned  by Courtney Reigal

Odin could smell the bones in the box but look at his freaky paw hands!!!!!


 Khan is growing up to be absolutely gorgeous. He's also incredibly smart and easy to train.
At 5 months he's already over 60 lbs too! Thanks again for this big black bear.
He was worth the wait,and we absolutely love him!
Jon Paul Abatte
I know you probably get tons of pics but could not resist showing you this pic. He just turned 5 months and weighed 62 lbs. Everyone who sees him gushes about how beautiful he is!!! Thank you again!!
Carla Daniels

Rommel  (Major x Shade Litter)


ODIN ( Major x Martina)  photo at 8 weeks old
owned and loved by Courtney Reigal
Odin is sooooo good. After he eats he goes right to the door wanting out to go poo.
Here is a pic of Rommel, (male puppy by Major x Shade) on day 2 with new family. He gained a pound the second day after you sent him to us. He has grown more I could swear!!  He was12 lbs at 7 1/2 weeks.

His full name is Rommel Desert Fox Daniels!!

you so much!!  We love him!!!

Carla & Tim Daniels


Took him to the vet check today. Vet said he was doing great, and was a beautiful dog. Weighed 25.8 lbs.

Carla Daniels


"GUNNER"    Major x Martina
The vet said he was very healthy, and is going to be HUGE. Everyone at the office could not keep their hands off of him.
Charlotte Arney
I got him. (Odin)  He is Beautiful! He is such a gentleman.
Courtney R.

Meet the new member of our little family, Kahn!   A son of Major x Martina. Guess what...he was born on our wedding day: September 6th, 2015!! He's special already!
He's part Black Bear and part German Shepherd .

Jon-Paul and Marie Claire Abatte

Hello Mr. Thomas, Presently I'm not actively looking for a German Shepherd. My husband and I currently own two. We considered having three, but we also have an older lab. Even though we live in the country with plenty of acres, three dogs are enough at this time. We have a large fence that goes around our house. Having the German Shepherds sitting on top of the hill looking out as people drive by, is the best security. We also love the protection they provide. Our grandkids can play outside. We don't worry about anyone messing with them. This breed is instinctively friendly and protective. I admire the fact that you don't care for the slope back collie version of the dogs. You breed healthy dogs that have substance. I completely understand your stance on quality. I too am a breeder. I breed and show Siamese and Orientals cats. Even in the cat world there are breeders that seems to think that extreme characteristics are attractive, compromising the health of the animal. I've also sold several of my kittens to autistic children. Siamese and Orientals tend to demand attention, so I've gotten some nice feedback about the interaction that happens between child and kitten. I'm glad that your daughter Crystal is helping you with the dogs. Animals have a way of helping all of us feel good emotionally. We are located close to Lorena outside of Waco. Sometime in the future I will contact you about aquiring one of your puppies. Thank you.
Jenny Hamons
10/  2015  
ZEUS  3 yrs old ( a son of Jaeger)  
Owned by the  David Walters Family in Texas


Ricky, Hope you are doing well and things are getting back to normal after summer rain. John and I are so thankful you chose us to adopt Maggie. There are no words to describe the void she filled in our lives after losing Hawk. Retirement was short lived for Maggie since we purchased her granddaughter from you as well. Joy and Maggie are doing great. Our little girl is now 10 months old. Joy is almost as big as her grandmother Maggie and has a lot more growing to do. Our hearts are full of gratitude to you for these AMAZING dogs. Thank you again for all your guidance and support. Robin Reynolds Wakefield


Hi ! Here I am with Zeus last month. He gets more and more handsome every year. I am so happy to see your kennel is busy again busting at the seams with many healthy litters this season. The spring was a wash out ans summer too hot. I will send another two pictures I took if him at the beach two weeks ago.
Lorraine Walters


Just wanted to share a pic of our pup from this litter. He's the one with the dark green collar. He'll be 6 mos. on the 15th, weighs in at 80lbs, and extremely intelligent! We just love him!

Brandy Rhine Poston

Just a note to update you on Zeus’s progress.
As you know, he’ll be 3 on the 19th. And, he’s matured into a beautiful, remarkably sweet , and much-admired intact male GSD.
We just couldn’t be happier with him.
Oh, we solved the ear infection problem by eliminating from his diet processed commercial foods which contained lots of carbohydrates. We fed him raw for a while but ultimately felt it best to pressure cook and grind and freeze his food.
He had a habit of ignoring some of the foods, notably chicken and fish, if he could identify it. So, without grinding it all together he wasn’t getting the variety he needed.
Getting rid of the carbohydrates had an immediate positive impact on his ear health. But also his stools don’t smell and they turn to a white chalky substance within days and wash away with the sprinklers or rain.
Also, his coat is in much better shape to the point that he quite literally shines like a diamond in the sun. And, all that gunky plaque that builds up on dogs teeth if they’re fed commercial food is completely gone. He has nearly perfect pearly white teeth now and everyone who sees him mentions how healthy he appears to be.
Lastly, he seems to have much more energy now. Of course, that’s a good thing and a bad thing as he walks me to death each day, now averaging 3 – 5 miles daily.
We do supplement his diet with some mineral supplements recommended by the Vet. And, we make sure he has lots of calcium from milk, egg shells ground into his food and bones.
Anyway, he’s simply spectacular. Thank you so much for all the hard work you do to bring such wonderful animals into this world.
David, Lorraine, Evan and Sarika Walters

10/  2015
My name is Ian Simrod, and I am currently a law student at LSU. I am interested in purchasing a GSD puppy during summer or fall of 2016. One aspect that really stands out to me is that you don't breed to AKC specs, and I desire a GSD without the AKC "style" sloping hips. I currently can't purchase one of your puppies from the latest litter because my apartment doesn't allow pets. However, I plan on moving into a house next summer, and I would love to purchase one of your puppies. I was wondering if you are planning any litters for summer/fall 2016?

We decided on the name Havok!  Here's a pic of him & Bronson, our Giant
Malamute.  Thank you so much!  He's perfect!

Best regards,
Katie & John


Here is a new photo of Bayou. She is so pretty and so smart.  We are
in obedience classes, and she is doing great...

My best to you,
Lynn & Bayou  
                                                                              Bayou 4 mos old


Update on Axl, 6 Mos Old

Axl  6 Mos.   Axl does not fit in this chair anymore


LEXI, black and Tan female out of Big Hoss x Daphne 2015 litter:

Just so you know, the vet check went well and he put the chip in and she didn't  even cry. She is a beautiful  little girl and we love her. Thank you for a very happy and healthy  puppy. She was worth the wait.
Thank you  lynne Underwood

                                        SHE JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER,
                                                                                         LYNN  MIRNOVAGE       
05/28/2015                                                         JERRY LEE  relaxing in his new home with the Tuxburys


Here is our boy Ares (Dec 2013 Sam x Ruby, "blue collar male"). He is such a wonderful dog! Thank you for breeding such gorgeous, healthy animals. Anyone who gets a puppy from you is lucky indeed
Lisa Hardin



On Friday, March 27, 2015, we made the decision to let go of our beloved Jerry Lee. After a few days I thought it would be a good idea to look at getting another German Shepherd in the future. As I searched various websites I came across the website Giant German Shepherds. I clicked on the tab called males and scrolled through. When I came across the third pictured male my heart came to a hault. I callled for Twila G. Smith Tuxbury to come and see what I had found. It was a german shepherd that looked just like our Jerry Lee. But what really blew me away was his name, Jerry Lee. Twila and I could not believe it. So later that morning we called Giant German Shepherds and spoke with Brinda Redwine. I told Brinda our story and that we would love to have a pup sired by her Jerry Lee. Later on in the discussion Brinda asked if we would be interested in adopting her Jerry Lee. Again, Twila and I were blown away. Could this really happen? We told Brinda we would be honored to adopt her Jerry Lee and give him a forever home. Brinda then said she take the day to think and prayer about it. Later on that day Brinda let us know that she had decided that Twila and I would be good parents to her Jerry Lee. We were excited beyond belief. So on April 13 we left for Texas. On April 14 we arrived and met Jerry Lee for the first time. The meeting went great. We left with our new Jerry Lee. He has been unbelieveable. He rode well in the car which was a surprise given that he had never really been in a car for a long period. He was perfect in the hotels we stayed in on the return to NC. Now that we are home he is settling right in. This without a doubt was meant to be. I firmly believe that there were forces at work that made this all come true. Both Jerry Lees's are unique and special in their own way. Twila and I could not be more happy and blessed with our new Jerry Lee. A special thanks to a wonderful lady and special person, Brinda Redwine. I know it was tough for her to let go of her Jerry Lee. Brinda, Twila and I promise the your Jerry Lee will be given the best home and get all the love he deserves. The pictures are of our Jerry Lee and Brindas Jerry Lee that we adopted. A couple of handsome guys.


Today is two weeks since we brought Jerry Lee home with us. He is such a wonderful dog. He has settled right in and become a great part of our family. A special thanks to Giant German Shepherds for giving us the opportunity to give Jerry Lee his forever home.
Doug Tuxbury


Hi Ricky,
I just thought I would send you a few pictures of our Little Man. He is going great and growing so fast. He already knows the commands to sit, stay, shake hands and I am working on roll over now. He is 5 months old in these pics and weighs in at 54 lbs.
Hope you and your daughter are doing fine and are able to stay out of all this rain we are getting here in Texas.
Thank you for such a wonderful addition to our family.
Phillip & Marvie Curry

  Little Man   (Sam x Maggie)




Hi Ricky,
Sophia pulling weeds...Axl helping... pulling weeds (grass). Axl truely mimics Sophia if he can.
Axl is absolutely soooo very smart.
God Bless
Johanna and Sophia


Hi Ricky,
Attached is a photo of Axl carrying a book. The photo is not as clear as I would have liked but I only had a split second to capture the moment. Sophia is a book worm and has books all through out the house. Since Axl is Sophia's shadow I can only assume that he was compelled to carry a book as Sophie . LOL :-).
God bless you and your family.
Johanna, Sophia


Hi Ricky,
This was the first time that Axl rides with me as I drop Sophie off at the school bus stop. This was also going to be Axl's first day at doggy day care so he can learn how to play/interact with other four legged furry friends. LOL ...thats the problem with having only one pet in the house. Axl has no doubt that he is human.
Note: you'll have to trust me on this...Axl got much louder. But I had to leave for fear someone would think that I stole a childs family pet....LOL
I hope you can open the attached video.
God Bless
Johanna and Sophia


Hi Ricky!
I have had you and Crystal on my mind so often. You, particularly have been heavy on my mind lately. The last we talked over the phone, you had been very ill. I just wanted you to know that I have kept you and your family in my thoughts and prayers. :) I hope you are doing better now. I see you have some really nice looking dogs you're breeding and looks like business is doing great! :) I was concerned cause you had said since you had been so ill, you may have to really cut back. Hopefully, you are back on your feet and doing MUCH better. :) You are too fine a breeder and have so much to offer. It would be a shame to loose your further contributions to the German Shepherd breed.
Things have been rather busy on our end as well. Brian has had multiple heart surgeries, Josh is graduating Med school May 9th , which happens to be the SAME DAY that my daughter Jessie graduates from college! Only problem is that one graduation is in Tennessee and the other in Newport News, Virginia LOL I am bursting with pride and happiness for each of them. So, Brian will head off to Tennessee and I will be with my daughter. Now comes the hard part when Jessie will leave home and move to Wilmington, NC for grad school for 3 years :( and Josh will begin Residency in Philadelphia (YUCK) and remain for the next 4 years! That part makes me VERY SAD cause I will miss them so much.
RANGER is just as happy as he could be...SUPER watch dog...never lets me out of his sight. Sitting next to me or lying by me feet just doesn't cut it. The head scratch, belly rub just won't do as well. No, Ranger wants to "hold hands". LOL He doesn't just lay his paw in my hand....he actually wraps his paw (the best he can) around my hand and watch we TV together or just sit quietly inside or outdoors. I must say though, when we are outside as he is holding my hand he isn't relaxed...he stands on watch as he gently holds my hand! It just cracks everyone up. :D He is so very jealous if he isn't allowed to at least try to be "human". However, he NEVER challenges my authority. ;) Ranger started holding hands with me soon after I had to move my mother into a nursing facility. That just tore me up inside. Jessie came home for emotional support (we BOTH needed it) So, we would sit closely together on the sofa while and put our arms around each other or hold hands and talk, cry, etc. Ranger ALWAYS tries to comfort and instinctively knows when I am upset or happy. I don't even have to say a word.. so it is obvious he isn't just reading situations by voice tone... He stands ready to lick the tears away before I even know they are about to fall. Now, he is ready to sit with me and just hold my hand if needed. He knows before I do. We are so BLESSED to have him. As you know, Ranger took XENA'S death VERY hard and at one point, I thought he may grieve himself to death. That is when I called you for were wonderful as always, and I wanted to thank you again for that. Even as ill as you were, you were there to offer support. Brinda, I just don't have words to express how grateful I am to have found you and took that chance and flew to Texas :D I frequently check in on your web site to see how things are going...saw you had a new puppy (buyer no show) named TEXAS RANGER....LOVE the name LOL Just remind the little fella that "THE TEXAS RANGER" lives in Old Virginia LOL....just want to say the no show buyer (unless something totally changed their lives) really missed out not getting one of your pups. Hopefully, at some point their circumstances may change and they will experience first hand how great your pups are. Take care friend and I wish only the best for you, Ricky, Crystal...and of course, your dogs ;) Darlene and THE TEXAS RANGER

Sam x Fancy 2012
Hello Ricky! I'm so sorry that it's been over 6 months since I've written! I cannot believe the time just flew by! Ulrik is getting so big! I haven't had him weighed in a couple of months but he has to be at least 75 pounds. And he's incredibly smart, watches everything and sits at attention like he's just waiting for you to put him to work. I have him trained him the basics but he gets incredibly distracted if we are anywhere but at home. He will play fetch with me in the backyard but at the park, he'd much prefers to sniff and check everything else out. He has excellent recall except when there are other dogs around. Actually that's my only problem area...he will run from me and head toward any dog at full speed and then I no longer exist to him. He loves to play with other dogs above all things. I have a large fenced yard but I still take him to the dog park everyday. I wanted to ensure I kept him well socialized with other animals/people and he gets a great workout. :) His temperament is just how you described and he is still sweet as pie. He's friendly with all dogs and people. He is just starting to bark a little when playing, but otherwise does not join in with the noisy neighborhood "barkers". He's great in the car, except it took him forever to learn out to get in and out and he was getting way too heavy to lift, so I'm grateful he finally got it! :) oh and one other thing, he LOVES the cold. His coat is so thick and no matter how cold it is outside he isn't bothered in the slightest! He will go out and lay in the snow to nap sometimes! I just love him. He makes me laugh everyday!!
Kristen Russell
 Toby is a wonderful dog. We couldn't be happier with him. I see what you meant about your pups not maturing until their about two. He is so full of himself, but smart and loving at the same time. So I still have 11 months to go. Ha! He is a good handsome boy. Thanks for breeding such great dogs. I'll send more pics in the future.
We are so in love with our new addition to our family, and could not have asked for a better experience.
Giant German Shepards will see us again when it is time to add another.
Thank you Ricky for everything!
Mike & Holly Stengal


Hi Ricky,
Zeus, and Nero are doing great they love the snow and growing extremely fast. Zeus, the white one weighs in at 135 now. And is going to be a really big boy. Nero, the black one, is around 90 pounds. And both of them together is like a 3 year old child thinking. Both are total opposites in temperament. Zeus is laid back, and Nero is outgoing and stubborn. But we love them both. They both love the snow. We cant get them inside, even when we offer treats. They are beautiful, intelligent puppies. As big as they are, they are still babies and have plenty of time to grow.
Kenny and melissa doesburgh michalski

Hi Ricky,
I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos and the story that went along with it. I can’t wait to see the posting of the photos. I am not much of a letter writer but I am so compelled to be in contact with you and keeping you informed of the joy that you have brought to my home. He has such a sweet disposition.
I took most of today off from work and I will take tomorrow off.
I am teaching my daughter how to observe the body language of a puppy and teaching her that once he eats and drink water to take him out to go piddle within 10-15 minutes and when he wakes up to take him out to go piddle ASAP.
A small clip from Axl’s first day:
Axl likes to knock his bowl over and pick out his favorite flavors of the kibble and then eat a few random pieces. Axl likes to put all four paws in his bowl of water. Thank goodness I have plenty of towels. Today I watched Axl dream. He was clearly dreaming that he was nursing on his mother, it was precious. This evening he was looking out the patio window and started to growl and bark, then growl. I walked over to see what he was looking at. I am pretty sure that he was looking at his reflection and could not understand why the other dog did not have a smell. LOL. Once I walked over to take a peek, he looked up at me and then walked away as if to say “OK Mommy, you can take it from here” and walked away to play with Sophia. Axl loves to bite your feet. Sophia has footsy PJ’s and the feet have a zebra face with ears. He is convinced that eyes do not belong on the feet, nor do the ears. LOL. Axl is spoiled, he will whine to be picked up just to be carried around. I am not sure what is going to happen in the next few months …perhaps I should whine and then he can carry me. LOL. He loves to help Sophia with her homework ….Sophia and he think that he is very helpful. I’m not totally convinced that he is.
Tomorrow evening I will be taking him for his vet checkup and align his follow up appointments for his shots.
God Bless you and your family.

AXL  (Sam x Maggie pup) Owned by Johanna and Sophia Polk
Hi Ricky
Thank you again, I feel as if I’ve know you for years. I will always be in contact with you.
Axl and Sophia will be easy to train.
I just have to train my ADULT children again. Uuuuugh
Axl (Little Hoss) is keeping me company while I work from home today.

Sophia and me having dinner before picking up the puppy.
At this time she still did not know we were picking up the puppy.
She just kept saying, mommy we have to hurry and eat, I have homework to finish.
You know … she is an A student. I figure that one day of her staying up late
would be fine for this special occasion.

Photo from the airport. It was as if he knew we were for him.

                                                                Midnight last night , Sophia finishing her homework


Finally home
Sophia cried and cried with joy and kept telling me thank you mommy thank you.
She kept saying I love him so much, I love him so much, thank you mommy, thank you.

This is where I found Axl and Sophia this morning

Hi Ricky We just got the puppy. He is beautiful! !! My daughter was in tears of joy. I'm on the road now. Thank you so much. I'll send you an email this evening or in the morning. Johanna and Sophia

Just wanted to update you on Kruger. He is now 150 lbs at 1 year old. Everywhere we take him, he draws a crowd. He has such a great disposition and loves everyone.
He is really beautiful. He looks just like his sire, Sam.
We are so happy that we chose you to get our puppy from. Of all the kennels we visited, there was no contest as to who had the biggest and most beautiful dogs. Way to go Giant german Shepherds!! We will be passing through Texas in March and would love to drop in and let you see Kruger. best wishes,
Jay Don and Mary Lee

Doug Tuxbury
April 17, 2015 ·
On Friday, March 27, 2015, we made the decision to let go of our beloved Jerry Lee. After a few days I thought it would be a good idea to look at getting another German Shepherd in the future. As I searched various websites I came across the website Giant German Shepherds. I clicked on the tab called males and scrolled through. When I came across the third pictured male my heart came to a hault. I callled for Twila G. Smith Tuxbury to come and see what I had found. It was a german shepherd that looked just like our Jerry Lee. But what really blew me away was his name, Jerry Lee. Twila and I could not believe it. So later that morning we called Giant German Shepherds and spoke with Brinda Redwine. I told Brinda our story and that we would love to have a pup sired by her Jerry Lee. Later on in the discussion Brinda asked if we would be interested in adopting her Jerry Lee. Again, Twila and I were blown away. Could this really happen? We told Brinda we would be honored to adopt her Jerry Lee and give him a forever home. Brinda then said she take the day to think and prayer about it. Later on that day Brinda let us know that she had decided that Twila and I would be good parents to her Jerry Lee. We were excited beyond belief. So on April 13 we left for Texas. On April 14 we arrived and met Jerry Lee for the first time. The meeting went great. We left with our new Jerry Lee. He has been unbelieveable. He rode well in the car which was a surprise given that he had never really been in a car for a long period. He was perfect in the hotels we stayed in on the return to NC. Now that we are home he is settling right in. This without a doubt was meant to be. I firmly believe that there were forces at work that made this all come true. Both Jerry Lees's are unique and special in their own way. Twila and I could not be more happy and blessed with our new Jerry Lee. A special thanks to a wonderful lady and special person, Brinda Redwine. I know it was tough for her to let go of her Jerry Lee. Brinda, Twila and I promise the your Jerry Lee will be given the best home and get all the love he deserves. The pictures are of our Jerry Lee and Brindas Jerry Lee that we adopted. A couple of handsome guys.
 born June 9, 2013
 Sam x  Scout male pup

He is so beautiful , and such a sweetheart. Big difference from the little black puppy we picked up.
Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
Shirley and Nick Gonzalez

This is Mena,
5 Mos. old.  2014 Sam and Ella puppy. We absolutely love her, she's extremely smart and well behaved. Merry Christmas to you and your family.
The Gillham's




We  made it home... finally, after 16 hours, but the trip to get this wonderful dog, made it worth the trip 10 times over.
The vet check was great. Jax weighed in at 135 lbs. Doc said he was the picture of health, and a very large young dog . We set the neuter apppointment for Dec. 22, 2014. Merry xmas Jax  LOL.
Happy Holidays to all of you. Hug Sam for us :)
Thank You...Thank You...Thank You
John and Chelsea Graham

Hi Ricky,
  Zeus( Big Max) will be 10 months on the 27th of November and weights 110 lbs. he gets thirsty and if his water bowl is empty. He takes matters into his own mouth and opens the water nozzle. He is so smart. Would not be so bad but he neglects to close it. Lmao.
He also is an escape artist. Always finds a way out of his 6ft chain link fence, But just sits on the porch and hangs out. Or he will tap the door bell to let him in. Rofl. I have to think 5 or 6 steps ahead of him with anything. Amazing.
  Nero ( all black) will be 8 month November. And weights in at 77 lbs. he is the
accomplice although i suspect he might be the master mind behind some of the
schemes. He is going to look like sam i think. Both are doing amazing and we
can't thank you enough for these wonderful intelligent dogs.



Dear  Ricky,
Hope you made it through yesterday's events. Haven't gotten any pics of Rudy yet. But, I wanted to let you know he's doing great. He has managed to steal just about every toy in the house. Mel, our other dog is very patient with him. You were right, there isn't a shy bone in his body. He has been very social with everybody. We keep the back door open most of the time. He has figured out how to go up and down the back stairs to go potty. Right now , he is out trailing Mel in the back yard. Thank you for this beautiful gift of life,

We looked for hours for the remote , and then found that Zeus was helping safeguard it. Taken from Mom’s old cell phone and photo when Zeus was about six months old
David Walters

 Lynn took Xena to the vets today. The microchip was inserted (she hardly reacted - too busy eating chicken strips). She is 10 kg. (22 lbs.) - a 2 lb. weight gain since she arrived. Healthy puppy -a real pistol. Adventuresome, smart, no fear (except she knows enough not to get in Kyra's face too much. Xena and Shilo play together a lot and I suspect that he is quite like Sam - very tolerant, letting her "win" most of the pull games and taking toys to her. Shilo (Sam x Maggie pup) is now 30" at the shoulders and close to 100 lbs. - he is going to be a large boy. He is well behaved and craves human company (especially kids). He will give lots of warning when "strangers" show up.

Yes, those piercing amber eyes, hypnotic. When he is standing he also has Jaeger's profile, down to the way they hold their tales. David taught Zeus to bark on a hand signal command Today to bark. Next thing is to get him to stop barking with a different hand signal. He is so smart. On my most stressful days at work, I can count on coming home & know Zeus will help melt it all away. Thank you for bringing these wonderfully balanced temperament dogs into the world , and Zeus into our life!

Kennedy went swimming today for the 1st time. Previous outings were splash and play. Today we spent the day at Canyon Lake. After a reluctant start, and beating the water like a paddle wheel boat initial, she then began swimming like a champ. (Like Her Dad). She would swim out to where I was treading water, I would support her for a moment, then move her around me, pointing her to shore and she would swim back to shore. Before we left two hours later, she was swimming out to me, around me and back with no support or rest. She is sleeping like a baby right now. Weighed her at the vet today for her heart worm medication. She tops out now at 100#... Just shy of 8 months old. She is a big and powerful lady. She has taken to obedience training very well, and loves to please. She is everything that a GSD should be. I love my Dog!!!
Russell Jones
Sam x Ella fem. pup

June 21, 2014

It’s a Saturday morning, so, I’ll take a minute and update you on Zeus’ progress.
About the next puppy, that’s good. I’d prefer a male. I think Lorraine was concerned that the two males might not get along well.
I’m glad you have some young, extra-large females coming up. I saw those females on the website but their pictures have them as very young dogs or puppies. Oh, well, we have plenty of time before the house is finished in Port Arthur. I’m sure they’ll have a great breeding record by then.
Zeus gets better every day. He’s so darned loving now, especially towards Lorraine. She’s the light of his life which is exactly what we wanted.
I still do most of the training and exercising, so, the bond between Zeus and I is solid. And, his behavior and obedience is improving every day. It’s fun and rewarding to see that he’s still learning and applying what he learns.

He’s so big now that the same dogs that used to bark ferociously at him when he was a puppy or young dog from their yards or from the street if they were being walked keep their distance and keep quiet. When he stands fully up, locks his eyes and ears on them and raises his hackles they become mute. He’s a very impressive sight with that giant head of his and the neighbors regularly comment on the size of his head. All Zeus has to do is stand and swing that head towards them without issuing as much as a growl and they fall silent.
He’s also warming a bit more to strangers. He’s still suspicious and wary. But he will let them near us if we’re not in any state of alarm.
Also, he’s highly sensitive to our mood such that if we’re in the slightest bit skittish about someone approaching us he’s on alert too. He never bites or even shows his teeth (I’ve been trying to teach him to show his teeth on command with no luck). But he’ll certainly growl and lower his head and drop his ears if he senses anything wrong and especially if we command him to alert.
He’s well-known in the neighborhood even by the grass-cutters, delivery men, postmen and others who we might not know directly. They stay away from our home completely. And, when UPS of FedEx deliveries come to the door, ring the bell and Zeus alerts they leave the property with great haste.
We’ve had some newly-purchased homes broken into lately. I think it’s mostly by movers or their criminal fellows as they tend to strike as belongings are being moved in and the owners haven’t set up residence, yet. You see, we’ve a lot of Exxon employees buying up all the real estate around here.
Some of the new owners have asked me to take Zeus over when they’re moving in and to make a show of him around their new homes when we walk him (morning, noon and night). We’ve even had a neighbor lady once ask us to use Zeus to clear a house (I kept him on a leash) as they thought someone might be inside. We didn’t find anyone but the neighbor lady was much relieved.
Not only that, we have some high school thugs around here who’ve been vandalizing vacant homes in foreclosure. I saw them all together one day on the street, told them I knew who they were and what they’d done and then threatened that if I saw them again in a vacant home or smelled pot being smoked from a yard and behind a fence near one of the vacant homes I’d clear the house or yard with Zeus. When I asked them if they’d like to face Zeus in a narrow, dark hallway or if they thought they could clear a six foot fence with Zeus trying to prevent it they fell completely silent. We’ve had no vandalizing of vacant homes since.
But don’t get the wrong impression. He loves the neighborhood kids (as long as they don’t ring the doorbell, but rather, call first). And, he allows them to walk him and he will do his stupid dog tricks for a treat from them. So, he’s well-liked around here too.
But the night time is when Zeus really shines. When we turn on the lights outside for the night, lock up the house and close our bedroom door to sleep at night Zeus stations himself immediately outside the door where he remains steadfastly all night long. We’ve never before slept with such perfect security and contentment. He’s a great watch dog. Several times after he’s alerted to something on the street I’ve leashed him and gone outside to find some guy or guys scurrying away into the dark of the night.
But one night he scared the heck out of me. From a very deep slumber I roused to the sound of his nails frantically clawing the tile outside our bedroom door as he seemed to be trying to stand and then reposition himself after being surprised by something. I heard what sounded like a scuffle and like Zeus chasing a ball and then he started barking fiercely like I’ve seldom heard him ever bark. He wasn’t just alerted. His barks were not warning barks. He was ferocious like he was in a fight with another dog.
I grabbed a pistol, opened the door and found him absolutely crazy barking but not towards something outside as was normally the case. Instead, he was barking fiercely at something down the hallway towards the kitchen. I was very alarmed as his attention towards the kitchen and not towards the outside suggested some threat was already in the house.
But Zeus and I cleared the house and I had no idea why Zeus had alerted. There didn’t seem to a threat in the house or outside. Then about three days later we found a rat which Zeus had obviously mauled and which managed to barely evade being eaten by running into the kitchen and under the counters. The rat really stunk the place up.
So, we’ve put plans to get a cat on hold. Who needs one with Zeus around, hahaha.
No, we don’t have many rats in the house. And, we do engage in rodent control but we’re careful to keep traps and poison out of where Zeus might come across them. But not everyone in the neighborhood is as fastidious as we are about rodent control and with the foreclosures around here there’s a rodent problem in the neighborhood. So, it’s good to have Zeus working rodent control too.
He's come a long ways now. He’s well-liked and well-respected in the neighborhood. To the neighbors and their kids he’s a welcome presence. To those who want to do harm or mischief he’s a force with which to recon.
I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to have him and much he completes us and the neighborhood. He’s our protector and he’s the neighborhood’s hulking and dark-faced Rin-Tin-Tin character.
I’ll have Lorraine take some pics and forward them to you.

June 20, 2014

We’re renovating the house now to sell next June 1st. So, we’ll be moving. Of course, our Zeus will be coming with us no matter where we end up.
We have a waterfront lot in Port Arthur and may build there. I don’t like two mortgages at the same time, so, we’ll start building when the present house sells. I hear it’ll take about 18 months to finish the canal house in Port Arthur.
When we’re done I may consider buying another Black and Tan from you to Zeus has some company and backup. We’ve not seen any other breeder keeping so faithfully to the original lines as you. So, when we buy you’re gonna get the business.
What do you think, should we buy a male or female?

June 16,2014

Ricky,You are probably getting busy in anticipation of the Sam X Ella litter. I trust that Martina is doing well and getting bigger. Shilo just turned 7 months. He is now 27" tall at shoulder about 4 1/2 feet long and just shy of 90 lbs. (and still growing)! Right now he is still lanky but when he fills out he will be a big boy. He loves people and loves their affection - he hates to be alone even for a few minutes. Favourite foods: canned tripe, blueberries (and most fruits that aren't sweet), chicken, salmon,ice cubes and aged mown grass (the smellier- the better) Favourite drinks: cafe latte and drinking out of the conveniently placed and fixed porcelain " drinking bowls" (AKA the loo) Favourite position: lying on his back with his front paws flexed and pointing towards his back paws, rear legs splayed (very undignified and not modest in the least) waiting for someone to rub his belly Favourite exercise: swimming for sticks thrown into the Pacific Ocean ( he sits at the gate to the beach a cries in anticipation) and he has become an accomplished surfer ( we don't take him out if waves too big) Favourite land game: chasing after his miniature football with it's crazy bounces Favourite walk: through the local nature preserve/park (with lots of tracking) - he and Kyra together sound like a pair of out of tune vacuum cleaners Non-favourite: Still afraid of the dark - OK if Kyra or one of us is with him. We are having a truly beautiful spring here - not dark now until after 10PM and the sunsets are fabulous lasting over an hour while it runs through a whole spectrum of yellows,oranges,reds and purples.

June 09, 2014

Well. The day has come! They are 1 year old today! Heineken is pushing 85 pounds and looks fantastic. Broad, strong chest, and fast! Still a master swimmer as well. He has such a great personality, and is friendly yet protective when needed. Zeus as you know had such a humble beginning. We truly feel keeping him with a littermate was the right choice. He is a bit leaner than his brother, at about 72 pounds now, but not much shorter. He has some hidden speed and natural ability to really figure out complex tasks, and sliming as well. They are both very healthy and active, They explore their 4 acre back yard every day… Every morning they chase the same rabbits out of the yard. Well, let me correct that. The first two mornings they would chase the rabbits. True to their intelligence they now race the rabbits to their escape hole, not even tempted by the chase anymore but beating them to their exit is the goal. I watched one grab a bird in flight, that kept dive bombing them. They look big, but they are extremely agile and flexible. They now don’t even take the same path rather go for the exit hole from different directions, they cant be more than a half a step behind the rabbits at this point! They corralled 5 foot snake in the back while our youngest was playing fetch. (Just a rat snake, but it was impressive how they immediately assumed the role of protector from ball retriever .. ). Can’t wait to see what joy the next year brings! Thank you for two wonderful puppies!
Enjoy the pictures!! First day we got them,, and the rest are form today or within the last few days.
--Steven Lewis

June, 2014

Just wanted to send you a quick up date on Ares (Sam x Ruby 12/13 collar male). He is 21 weeks old today, weighs around 57lbs.
We love him so much! He is such a smart boy, and tries so hard to please. He is doing really well, our trainer is coming out twice a month now and Ares seems to love his "lessons". Our 10 month old kitten "Lily" is also whipping him into shape (sometimes literally, LOL) and he has learned to play nicely with she and feline sister "Bailey". He absolutely adores "his" kids (and all of their friends!) and will play endless hours of ball, war, hide and seek or whatever games they come up with. Thank you again, so much, for this beautiful boy who has brought such joy to our lives.

:-) Lisa Hardin

We love him to bits. He is a very smart,Very loving, and loyal dog. He loves to be loved, and loves to work and play with us. Shepherd skills play based training really works well for him. Thank you so much for this puppy.
Lynn Doyle
Shilo at 6 Mos. old, with his mentor, Kyra in the Pacific Ocean


My boyfriend purchased a solid black puppy from you, and he is the best
thing in the world. Buddy picked up Sir only 2 weeks ago, he is already
housebroke, except for getting my shoes and stuff. Sir is super smart and
very loved! Great puppy!
Carolyn Carson


Our baby girl is growing so fast. Almost four months old now. She spent all day in Dallas at baseball games. And man was she a hit! Kids and adults alike couldn't get enough of her! TONI

Pretty Pretty Dogs do a great job with your dogs...
(from your neighbor)
Gowan Murphy

04 / 13/ 2014

Bought 2 puppies from Sam x Diamond Litter:
I can't be happierI. I absolutely love these dogs. They are full of personality and are both great in different ways. The boy is a little talker! And the girl loves to explore. Thanks for breeding great dogs.
I will send you pictures as they grow or do funny things.

Hi Ricky Just a quick update on Zeus (Big Max) Sam x Ruby litter pup. Had his distemper and rabies shot today. Weighted in a 38 1/2 pounds. He is going to be a big beautiful boy. Thank you again for producing these excellent puppies. Look forward to getting his half brother.


I just received in the mail, Sophie's AKC registration certificate. She is doing well here, and adjusting nicely. But, yes she is doing the usual puppy things, as expected. We are very pleased with her and want to thank you for breeding such wonderful dogs.
Everyone who has seen her or her pictures, say what a beautiful dog she is. I am attaching a few pictures of her.
Thank You,
Larry, Claudia and David


Ref: Jerry Lee x Mink Puppy.

Brinda, he's been great! Follows me everywhere, goes potty as soon as out and hits the grass. Has not cried at all! Just a smart sweet boy!
Sue Richter Yeida


Message*: Hello, Just wanted to update you on Zeus( Big Max). His visit to the vet went great, everyone was impressed with his behavior, and how beautiful he looked. Healthy, with no issues. We must thank you for producing such amazing puppies. Not one accident in the house. He sits when being petted. Amazing. His nerves are rock solid and he runs from nothing. Not even if startled.I take him everywhere with me, and he just loves every minute. We are looking forward to his half brother in April. I can't say thank you enough, for all the hard work you do, in order to produce such wonderful puppies. Keep up the great work, because in my opinion, you're keeping the true, classic, german shepherd, alive and well.
Kenny Doesburgh - Michalski


Kennedy is getting big fast. She turned 15 weeks old Thursday and weighed in at 48.8 #, at her Vet appointment.
Everyone loves my elegant and classy lady. Everyone she meets, wants to pet and love on her. Kennedy's a high activity, high energy dog.
She is smart and learns fast, and loves to please her Daddy. She meets and greets people with a wagging tail, and a kiss if they want it.
Even people that do not like dogs, want to meet and pet her. She is gentle and very affectionate, but calm, and never has any anxiety, even when dropped off at the dog sitters home, when I have to go out. Our reunions are lots of puppy love and verbal expressions of "I missed you". She is one phenominal pup. I love her very much. I hope her brothers and sisters are just like her, because she is perfect 99% of the time. That 1% that she is bad, needs correction just once, then you don't see the behavior again. Here is her picture this week,
Russell Jones


We would like to thank you for the most beautiful puppy we have ever seen. He is slowly starting to come around after the flight. I Cant believe how well mannered he is for 9 weeks. Loves the 2 cats. Loves them so much he is all worn out. Thank you again can't wait until april, when he gets a buddy.
Kenny doesburgh Michalski


Hi ,
We are just back from our first visit to the vet. Aries did wonderfully! He was so calm the entire time. The vet said he is very healthy, no worms or parasites......gave him his next set of shots ( plus Bordetella nasal vaccine) and another round of deworming. We got so many compliments on him from the staff and other pet owners. I am following your advice regarding the free feeding and it is going well. I put about 2 cups in his bowl in the am and he takes what he likes during the day. He just about finishes it up by evening. He has not had a single "accident" in the house since we brought him home! He is already asking to go out the back door . He really loves his yard, and spends a lot of time playing outside in the backyard with the kids. I will keep you updated, once again thank you so much for being such a responsible breeder and producing these lovely dogs! :-) Lisa Hardin


Hi . hope you are feeling a whole lot better. Shilo continues to do well. He is a very smart ,very loving ,not so little boy. His attention span is slowly getting longer. His general manners about the house and yard had dramatically improved. Much of the time will settle on a bed with the general stimulation of a household. jim has him walking surprising well on leash, long periods where he is not pulling at all. Shilo figures that puppy kindergarten is for play and not for training. lots of focus on play. less on sit, down etc. I think in part because the best training periods for him involve shepherd like skills, will sit and wait to be released if the reward is to get to chase a ball etc. will sit and wait to move forward if doing 'find it' for food treats where he has to put nose to the ground and search a bit, or 'drop it' games involve 'kill it' for his favorite stuffy toy and then in full shake mode, will release the toy on drop it command, then will sit and stare at me and the moving toy til told he can attack it again. basic sit, down, up and down for food is not his thing. He bores so quickly, then just gets frustrated and bratty.
enclosed are photos taken yesterday from my kitchen. one of Shilo and Kyra taken thru the kitchen door and the other is out thru the skylight to the tree above. Canadian Bald Eagles. your not so little Texan is fascinated by birds. take care. hope you and your family are all well. Jim is in Maui, ostensively at a medical conference. Today we have a little snow, dogs are loving it, so much fun!!!!!

02/ 18/ 2014

Here is a picture of Lynn, our grand niece Clara and Shilo , all
lined up like a totem pole ,(taken last week). Shilo is (of course), much bigger
now. He has a very strong ball drive - you can get him to do anything as long as
a ball is involved. He is far and away the smartest puppy in his puppy class
(including all the other GSD's) but like all smart pups he gets bored easily
otherwise. He is able to exercise more now and that helps tire him out so he can
relax a bit (and we can relax a bit too!).
Our winter rains finally arrived and there is over 10 feet of snow base on the
local ski resort ( there was over 75 feet total last year in cumulative amounts
- a world record for snowfall !). We have only had rain here so the streams are
full and running fast. Shilo can now play one of his favourite games - racing
alongside the stream bank trying to catch the ripples and bubbles created by the
turbulence (hysterical to watch). He doesn't like getting wet however and avoids
it anyway he can. He shuns the rain as much as possible ( just like our dearly
departed Simba did). Kyra on the other hand likes to splash through any bit of
water she can and loves to swim in the ocean and chase sticks thrown there.

 Jim Glassford


I saw Bear on your site and realized she was Zeus’ sister. Although we can’t justify another dog with Zeus’ exercise and training being quite a handful, I sure fantasized about it.
Then I saw she was re-homed and I didn’t think a thing of it…until I had a conversation with a neighbor who has a sister is about our age, lives alone and feels like she needs a good dog for basic security. She’s enamored with Shepherds too.
The next time you have a female like Bear needing a new home do please let me know. This lady might be interested.
Oh, Zeus is good to very good. He’s settling down into what I’ll call more mature dog characteristics. And, he’s become so tender and loving to me and Lorraine now that the kids are so busy with their studies that we sometimes think we must have a lap dog.
Still, he’s very protective…just like we want him.


ref: 8 Month Old Female from Sam x Scout Litter- Born June 09, 2013
I want to say Hi, and share some pictures of LILY, from our vacation in New Mexico last week. She really had a blast in the snow.
We are very happy with this wonderful dog, very nice and lively. Thank you again .
Best Regards



Love your dogs & philosophy. Have had GSDs since I was a baby. My parents raised several AKC litters. Raised my Bo from a pup into a 106 lb. best friend. He was 11 when he died in Dec 2002 & I still miss him....Bo looked just like you Jaeger! So gorgeous. We now have 3 dogs. Two I literally scooped up off the road as tiny pups ... I think they were dumped. The 3rd was a foster rescue. But I am afraid my two big dogs will soon leave us (ages 14 and 12-1/2). When they go, I would love one of your GSD male pups....maybe one that looks like Jaeger. I will call when we are ready to visit you and the dogs. So glad we found you -- just love your spirit (it shines through on your website).
Barbara Charlton


Loki , is doing amazing! He is so smart and already 100% potty trained! His new best friend is Sampson the 5 month old pot belly pig! They go everywhere together, Sampson even tries to sleep in the crate at night with him! haha Loki is a really laid back and easy going guy. My old man Keno is the best baby sitter and always has an eye on them. Nick gets home this week and cant wait to take him to puppy class!
Crystal Miller


Shilo went to his first puppy class today. He was the youngest and most outgoing of all the pups there. It seemed like everyone there loved him. There was one very shy and retiring pup at the class that was quite afraid of everything happening around him. Shilo quietly approached that pup and befriended him. He was able to bring that little pup out of his shell and by the end of the class that little pup was socializing with all the others. You would have been proud of him. Otherwise he is growing like a "bad weed" (feet first it seems) and progressing well. He is a very intelligent puppy (and a great source of entertainment).

So great to meet you and see your beautiful dogs! Cody and I were very impressed! We would like for our deposit to go towards the next available breeding with Sam and whichever female is likely to produce a black/red male. We both loved Jaeger so much we agreed that we would really just like a clone of him! I know Sam/Diamond offspring will be born soon......IF there is a black/red male that is not chosen we would be happy with that.....I live so close I can come by to check out the new pups. Ideally I would like to have second choice though, and as you are the expert I will take your advice. Thanks for letting us come by!
Carla Wetsel


( 10 wks old. Sam x Maggie pup, "SHILO")
Shilo is doing well - very well indeed! He has had his second set of vaccinations a few days ago so we were able to take him off our fenced property for the first time today. He loved it. First puppy socialization class next week. He seems to have inherited most of the best gene traits of his lines. He is extremely smart - show him something once and he remembers it. Training has been a "breeze", so far. He has his mothers ball drive. He will do anything for ball play (even likes that more than food rewards). He will sit at a distance, do downs,stay etc. if it means "ball play" - remarkable for a 10 week old pup. That doesn't mean that he ignores his food. He especially likes it when tripe is added to his meals and he is growing quickly. His feet almost look like snowshoes and he still has a lot of loose skin so when he grows into those things he will be a large dog like his dad. We learned today that he has Bronson's tracking genes in him. We took him on a loop walk off the property and when we returned to the path we had walked before, he literally (and unerringly) tracked his own scent (including his little side wanderings) all the way back to the front gate (ignoring any potential distractions). We were rather taken back, and amazed, that this little (well no so little,anymore) guy could do this without any prompting or encouragement from us, at such a young age. You (and Bronson) would be very proud of him! At times, it seems like his gonads are on bungee chords rather than spermatic chords (haven't quite settled yet). Right up,left down; left up, right down; both up; both down - where are the "willies" today ? They will settle of course with a little "tincture" of time. He always lets us know when "it's that time" - not one mistake in the house. Even the vet was impressed! His bladder capacity is now such, that he can make it most of the way through the night before whining for a potty break. Yeah! Weather has been warm and dry (unusually dry for January here) so he has yet to experience a west coast drenching or any cool weather. Temperatures have been in the 40 to 50 degree Fahrenheit range (a lot warmer than Dallas was today). More off property walks in a graduated exercise/adventure program coming up! Cheers!


(Sam x Ella female puppy)
We are loving Kennedy! Awesome pup! Eating well. No accidents in home. Going outside for both # 1 and 2. We have bonded. She knew her name this morning. She leashed trained in one day. We walked a couple of miles last night to wear her out. She did not want to sleep by herself The loudest howl I have heard in ages, so I got up and slept on the floor with her. She then slept through the night. Up early. She will keep me young.


Hi! We took Shilo to vets today for exam. All was well apart from one testicle not yet descended (common problem in big dogs - had same issue with our male Kangal and eventually things moved into place) so we're not worried. He has been amazing and Lynn is thrilled. You did a phenomenal job, he is so well crate trained, sleeps through the night, gets on very well with Kyra, very laid back, people friendly, no aggression at all, can calm himself (even when we are preparing food). He seems to be totally at ease here (and adores his "foster mother" who checks on him regularly). The vet was impressed with his calm disposition and was shocked that he was " house broken" at this early age ( esp. for a male). Today, he actually calmed himself to the point that he fell asleep on the office floor while we were talking to the vet! LOL! Couldn't have picked a better puppy. We are giving him his second vaccinations next Tuesday, the vet wanted to wait one week re:timing as that means that she only has to give him 2 sets of vaccinations ( vs. 3) and can include distemper etc. Also checking out re:heart worm - it is not endemic here (unlike Texas) so the vet is going to get more information before we put a plan of action into place. I am amazed at how well you did with the puppies despite your own health issues. Thanks again.
Jim Glassford

01/ 17 /14

Hi! He is a cute little guy with a personality "as big as Texas". Shilo is growing like a weed, and learning a lot every day. We were out visiting yesterday and the guy I was talking to looks a bit like Ricky - Shilo was fascinated and followed him everywhere LOL. He has really helped Lynn get over her "funk" after losing Simba last fall and mother Kyra has a new job (and you know how Shepherds love to work) - so it has helped her a lot too. Apart from the long flight, Shilo could not have has an easier transition (mother Maggie to mother Kyra). He is socializing well. We had to go to our Galiano Island home this week. So this little guy is well travelled - jet planes, cars and four different BC Ferries ( I should get him a travel card so he gets "frequent flyer" points). Here is a little story for you, we were walking the two shepherds on their leashes and Shilo tried to grab Kyra's leash and lead her - it looked funny but it's also a domination thing so we put a quick end to that (even though she recognized the behaviour for what it was and went along with it). When he perceives danger he runs between Kyra's front legs and under her chest and puts on a brave and fearless face. LOL. Their best buddies and he adores her but is submissive at the same time. Mama Kyra rules (albeit with a velvet glove)! It's home base for a while now and ongoing training. Thanks again for the puppy - great pick. He is all that we could have asked for. I do hope that you are starting to feel a little better and find something that helps you. Cheers!
Jim Glassford


Here is a photo of Shilo (Sam x Maggie Pup), playing with one of his balls in the carport. (Difficult to get him to sit still!)There were 2 eagles sitting in the tree on the ocean side of the house and 2 GSDs playing on the other side of the
house at the same time.You have done a great job training him. No problems with crate - he knows how to tell us that it's "business time" - it's a different cry than " I want attention". He seems to crave human attention and adores Kyra. He knows how to sit for treats and he has a great ball drive. A happy go lucky little fellow we
are just teaching him how to settle himself - so far he is doing fine ( under supervision from Kyra). We really could not have asked for any more from a pup.
We have appointment next week with vet for exam and second set of vaccinations. When time for sterilization comes we are going to find a vet that does vasectomies rather than the orchidectomy. It is far less traumatic and less disruptive of hormonal balance.
James Glassford


Just wanted to drop a note and thank you guys again. She (Sam x Maggie puppy) is wonderful, and settling in nicely with everyone. She really likes my oldest daughter a lot!!, which is great. She is eating wonderfully. Some chicken and juice, and some dry dog food. Doing wonderful .
She is a wonderful dog, and of course I will send you pictures
Again thank you
Hollie and Huston Bundock


I hope you and your daughter are doing well and were able to beat the Flu completely.
I meant to write you sooner to thank you, but we were totally busy with the puppy and adjusting to the new situation in our home.
After we got the puppy from Ricky, we put him in the car and headed back to Arkansas right away. He was such a sweet and good boy and never cried and didn't throw up at all (even though he was in the car for 6+ hours). When we got home, we were really proud of him!
We named him "Rex".
We took him to the vet yesterday, and he was very calm and quiet. Dr. said he was very healthy and that everything was good.
He is very curious and smart, I don't know if he already knew or not, but he learned to go up and down the stairs really quick and all by himself.
Just wanted to give you an update.
Thanks again.

Just a few days shy of 6 months old, the puppies are great! Such big personalities! They are such a blessing to have around!
Again , let Sam know that Heineken gets in the water every day, just as he taught'em . Even the other day when it was 33 Heineken to his daily stroll through the water!
Heineken is just shy of 61 pounds, and is filling out beautifully. He has a very impressive broad chest already! People cant believe he is so young when they see him!
Little man (zeus, the runt) Is at 49 pounds! Just staying constantly 10-12 pounds behind his brother. We are very happy with his progress. Being that he was the runt and so small, we feel he will have a good chance at being around 100 pounds.
Both puppies are so smart. they sit, come when called, stay (not for long, but getting better), shake, respond to their names perfectly, fully potty trained, Fetch, will play catch with you, and Zeus is perfect on a leash on walks, Heineken is good, but he doesn't like it when he cant run after the rabbits ducking in and out of the high grass.
Both dogs do fantastic when we are introducing them to friendlies (neighbors and family and their pets)
Attached is a photo from today. ( they just got baths, they were a little mischievous this morning and got into the muddy bank at the pond. LOL!! silly puppies, I was gonna stop them, but they were really having fun! )
Thank you again for two great puppies!
Steven Lewis

Hello from Eagle, Alaska.
We have been meaning to send you some pictures of Heinz for quite a while, but it was a very busy summer and fall. We are very happy with him. He is by far the smartest dog that we have ever had. There have been a total of 6 wolves taken in our area so far this winter. This is a female wolf I snared 200 feet from our house a couple of nights ago. We have a team of alaskan husky sled dogs and we have to be very careful because the wolves will kill dogs and most of our Alaskan Huskies are pretty small.
What worked really good for us with Hieinz, is ,she took him to school where she teaches, and all of the kids handled and pet him when he was a puppy. It has really paid off in his socializing in our small community.
Thanks again for such a great dog,
The House's
Sam x Fancy Pup "HEINZ"


Hi ,
I wanted to share with you a picture of Lily. (Sam x Scout puppy) She is an adorable puppy and all the family love her, and she loves all the family back. She is growing nicely and she is now close to 60 pounds at 4 months old. She kept her nice character, and she is very friendly to people and dogs. She is quite the confident dog, not afraid of much. She very rarely barks, and has not done any damage in our house. She is now house trained, so everything is going fine. Thank you again for everything.
Gaelle and Eric Abecassis

RE: Sam x Scout pups
HI ,
The two pups are growing fast. They have conquered sit, stay, shake, here already! They play fetch very well, including jumping for toys. Potty training is doing great!
You can let Sam know that true to his dad, Heineken gets in the water every day, no matter the temperature, and loves to dig! We wont discuss all the lil creatures they bring up to the porch!!
My daughter has a video of them playing between the dogie door, Ill have to get her to upload it to you.. (The dog door they figured out how to use it weeks ago, all it took was one of our other dogs to walk through it.)
Here is a photo of them from yesterday with our daughter and a couple from the past few days.. Notice in one that Heineken played so hard he passed out while squeaking the squeaky tennis ball. All the dogs get along great!
Steven Lewis


Dear Ricky,
Just thought I’d drop you a line since I’ve not written in a while. In particular, I want to add some things to our earlier discussion about neutering Zeus. Essentially, Zeus’ secondary sexual characteristics are becoming quite pronounced now that he’s just a few days short of a year old. And, they are impressive, indeed.
His head and mane are enormous to the point that other owners of shepherds from show lines or other American working dog lines almost always mention this.
His chest is deepening. We see substantial additional muscle definition in his shoulders and thighs. And, his waist has slimmed considerably.
His coat is also changing a lot. His guard hair coat is longer, darker and coarser. What was his quite noticeable “bitch stripe” is all but gone now with only a little left at the withers and hips. I expect it will be overgrown by dark black guard hairs quite soon.
Furthermore, his black saddle is beautifully shiny and it glistens in the sun on our walks and draws much attention. And, (amazingly to me) his tan areas are getting more and more red…like his Pop.
I believe he’s reached much of his adult height now and his weight has stabilized at about 96 lbs.
As you know, we allow little grass to grow under his feet. I now walk him 3X a day now with at least a mile each walk and often a much longer walk in the mornings if we’re out before the traffic begins to swell. We also swim him in the local lake every Saturday and Sunday morning for about an hour. AS YOU PREDICTED he absolutely loves swimming.
He wears a loose-fitting life-preserver now and is tethered to the handler with 100’ of floating nylon laundry cord so he won’t stray. That keeps safe the ducks and geese in the lake and their chicks which are often hidden in nearby shore-side foliage.
We also tether him so we could affect a quick and certain recall if a person or other dog were to unexpectedly appear at the lake. He’s a wonderfully friendly dog but we take no chances with uncontrolled encounters now that he’s late in his protection training.
At first the life-preserver seemed to slow him down as it introduced a perceptible drag. He soon overcame that drag by sheer strength and determination to chase down the fishing bobber and is now swimming almost as quickly with the preserver as he did previously without one. Given the obvious drag that’s quite a remarkable feat.
All this exercise has made him incredibly strong too. He’s so strong that I now discourage any other members of the family from walking him until he’s older and a bit more regimented. A momentary lapse in attention to Zeus’ behavior (as little as not paying attention to a sudden change in the cant of his ears) could result in an unpleasant surprise for a daydreaming handler and an unwelcomed and nasty correction from Zeus’ training collar (choke collar) if he suddenly lunges at a squirrel or other small animal.
This is especially a concern if he’s not in close march (close heal) to the handler on a short leash, but rather, on a long-line It’s important to preemptively stand Zeus down by verbal command (STIIL or NEIN - FUIE) once he alerts to a prey animal so he doesn’t lunge. I’m grateful that he’s so responsive to those commands.
BTW, the other morning in the dark Zeus encountered his first skunk. I was hard to see, at first. But then the skunk bolted and was visible clearly as a small skunk in the dim, pre-dawn light. Zeus got luck this youngster decided to flee instead of stand his ground as neither Zeus nor I were sprayed.
We’ll celebrate Zeus’ first birthday on the 19th with a cake made from ground sirloin sporting a single candle. Of course, we’ll blow it out for him. I’ll try to remember to take pictures and to send you one.
Brinda, please accept our continuing gratitude for having bred this incredible animal. He’s brought so much joy to our lives in the wake of our loss of Max now two years ago.
David, Lorraine, Evan and Sarika

David, I had to post this pic of Zeus when he was still here. Thx for the update :) Happy B Day Zeus
BTW ...he is not near thru growing. He will grow until he is 2, and then he will fill out.

ZEUS   ( Jaeger x Maggie) pup

Sam x Scout yellow collar male
Here is before and after pictures: The after picture was yesterday - 4 months old now.
He is absolutely beautiful and we love him. Nick named him Harley.
Hope all is good with you. Saw some more beautiful puppies on your website.
Shirley and Nick

Hi Ricky!
I hope you’re doing well! I wanted to thank you again for our beautiful little girl, Carly! I just love her SO MUCH!
I’ve attached a picture of Carly and my 8 year old Lhaso Apso, Jesse. Jesse does NOT appreciate the cuteness and energy of his new sister! I snapped the above pic after Carly and Jesse had been playing for quite some time. Actually, they weren’t really playing. Carly was terrorizing Jesse by chasing him all over the house and biting his fluffy tail.
Carly has adjusted very well. She’s eating so much…she’s already gained almost 3 pounds! And she’s doing well with crate training too!
She is one spoiled and loved doggie!
Have a great day!
Re: Our 2 Sam x Scout puppies
Heineken (White male), has decided that every time he goes out side to potty, that it requires a trip through the pool as well. He loves the water already! He has only swam twice, but I know in time he will be swimming a lot. ( He also keeps eyeing the Pond we have on our property!!)
Both puppies are doing great! They are picking up on commands already, and are growing like crazy! The amazing part is how fast mentally they are growing! every day you can see how much they have learned , and just how smart they really are.
Little Man "Zeus" ( the little Runt, black and red color male,) has doubled his size and weight since we brought him home! up to 11 pounds!
The puppies are fantastic! I cant wait to show them off at training classes, I know they will be bored waiting for all the other dogs to catch up with the training!
Thank you for such great puppies!

Steven Lewis


Bullet x Jewels /beige collar male 7 weeks old
Just wanted to give you an update! Edsel has settled in perfectly and the big dogs, and the boys love him! He is working on potty training and "look" and "sit" and doing great there. Also he is going to his first vet visit on Wednesday bc the vet didn't have any appointments today or tomorrow. Thank you for the awesome pup! Leigh spurgin


Dear Ricky,
We have been so Busy, I wanted to touch base and let you know that Coda is doing good. She is coming, sitting,plays fetch with returns. she has done great on the potty thing. I still let her out once a night but she is a baby still. We have taken her to the lake and she isn't sure about the water yet , she gets in , but sits by Caitie and I. We take Coda a lot of places, and have enjoyed her kindness to others, dogs and people alike.
I took Zeus' parents notes to you.
I am Coda loves to chew and squeak things. We have this crazy toy that has feet, and its a chewer ball , but when thrown, it it flips and flops in all kinds of directions, and she loves it. She has learned no chewing shoes, but chewies are hers (rawhide ).
Vet visit was a lil distressing for her. She makes these whiny , talking noises when she decides it isn't ok, we just got home, or we went in the house without her and we love it. She weighed 20 lbs. 3 weeks ago, and I swear she has to be up to 30 lbs. now. She has just shot up in height. Her fur is lightening a bit like Maggie and her ears are high and straight (tight). (still big for her,lol ).
I was hoping you were able to help the new Wish List kiddo's ad ,I see you have been able to, and see he got the cutest baby. I love the new way you have the puppies photographed, adorable.
Thank you for your gift to Caitie. Coda is a blessing for our daughter.

Serena and Caitlyn Rose Fisher (Wish List recipient)

Hi Ricky,
Zeus had his first serious encounter today where his ongoing protection training and his protective instincts served him and me well.
As we rounded the next-to-last corner from our morning walk (about 2 miles) he and I were approached by a stray dog that even at the distance of 50 yard seemed to key-in on Zeus. I stopped Zeus, dead-ringed his training collar to the flat collar ring so he wouldn’t be corrected, took up his flat collar in my left hand, straddled him and told him “Easy, Easy, Easy” while stroking his back to keep him calm.
The other dog picked up his pace towards Zeus and it became clear that he intended to cause trouble. So, I gave him the Dutch command to stand (STAAN). Zeus immediately stood and unhesitatingly stepped forward straining against the collar the 20’ agitation lead I’d been using this morning for his walk.
Zeus was all business. As the other dog neared, Zeus first issued a low growl and then a series of pronounced aggressive barks. The barks seemed improbable for 9 month old puppy. But remarkably big-dog barks issued from him all the same.
Incredibly, a female jogger who I’d not noticed coming up behind us and who must have been utterly comatose to the situation suddenly appeared. With a curt, “Excuse me”, she passed between the two menacing dogs. I was incredulous. Some people have no dog sense whatsoever.
Zeus was unfazed and maintained his stance and his penetrating-amber-eyed stare at the other dog. He also kept his ears at the high-ready. But the other dog broke in surprise and recoiled from the unexpected runner’s passing. This triggered something in Zeus I’ve not seen before and he lunged at the dog sending him away with his tail tucked between his legs. The lung broke my hold on the flat collar and I had to control him with the lead.
We’ll do some extra training to put a stop lunges without command. But I won’t deny being relieved at his putting an emphatic stop to the confrontation. Perhaps I should have corrected him but I just couldn’t do it. So, I denied him praise, instead.
Anyway, you will recall my concerns about Zeus’ confidence when he first came home with us. And, you’ll probably recall that we set out on a program to improve his confidence. I’m happy to report that Zeus was a quick study, seems to be naturally protective, is receptive to and obeys commands even when he’s threatened and at just 9 months can stand his ground and prevail against adult dogs. He probably saved himself and maybe even me from a bite or two today from a dangerous stray.
Way to go Brinda! This dog is everything you said he could be, and probably even more. I can’t wait to see what he’s like when he’s two.
By the way, we got pretty tired of people interrupting Zeus’ training and walks wanting to pet him. Sure he’s beautiful and we hear a lot of that. But he’s also in strict training even when we’re not in the presence of the trainer. And, we’ve paid a pretty penny to obtain it.
I don’t think people should approach a dog in training or one that’s just finished a protection training session or even one on the street who’s being trained to behave. So, I had t-shirts made for Lorraine and I when we walk Zeus in public (see below).
They’ve worked wonders. People leave us alone now on our walks and make their admiring comments from a distance as they should. Oh, the back of the shirt says the same but without the graphic.
David, Lorraine, Sarika and Evan


I have a large straight back German Shepherd and she is amazing. I agree with you, they have deformed the German Shepherd. Abby has a wonderful disposition. She had a birthing hernia, and our vet recommended us to fix it and spay her. Well we did, but I wish we would have waited on the spaying. She was only 4 months, and I believe this has caused her severe allergy condition. We have to give her a shot once a week. She is allergic to humans, grass, plants , and most of the flowers here in our area. No food allergies though! Thanks for reading!
Debra Roots


SAM x SCOUT male puppy:
Had to let you know what a wonderful puppy he is. Nick is still undecided about his name - such a hard decision! Hopefully he will decide before the dog is grown.
He and Nick slept all the way home yesterday. Not one problem.
He is extremely smart. We have a large tiled kitchen area that we blocked off. He only peed on the floor twice. Both times we grabbed him and said "outside."
He already knows to go to the door and whine. Since the first two times, we have had no incidents in the house. We take him out every couple of hours. Once he is completely trained, he will have the run of the house - hopefully not on the furniture like our previous dogs. We are going to start enforcing that early on. Who knows, maybe it will work.
He has a chew toy - a rope with a rubber toy attached. When he starts to chew on the kitchen rugs, we tell him "no" and get his toy. Now every time he starts to chew on the rug and we say "no", he runs and gets his toy.
He is going to be a great pet. Hopefully as beautiful as his daddy.
I can't find the Diamond brand here. I bought one that had similar ingredients until we see the vet Thursday. He seemed to do fine with it. His stools were good.
Thank you so much. We really enjoyed meeting you.



RANGER and I went again to Yorktown and Williamsburg today. We had a wonderful time, but were hardly able to walk RANGER at all , due to everyone wanting to pet him and touch his fur...I know this sounds crazy but it is true! Jessie took a few pictures, and when I looked at them...all you see are arms and hands of people...all ages...they just wanted to be near him! You cannot even see Ranger or me for that matter!! He expects this reaction from people now, but today was especially intense. Brinda, it is nothing but tourists there. Folks from all over America and the entire WORLD come here for the history. They all wanted to know where I got him. I tell everyone that I flew to Texas to get him and the name of your site, your name and business site. It occurred to me that I could have used some business cards from you to hand out to people. I AM MORE THAN HAPPY TO DO THAT FOR YOU. No one ever has any pen, pencil or paper and I know they forget the information I give them about RANGER....just a thought. I mean, a good deal of these people are serious buyers in the market for a dog and just do not know where to go. I had some several people ask if I had any cards from you!!! As you know, the internet is so full of crooks and liars and most folks are intimidated, or have already been burned by a breeder. I think when they get to actually see an example of your dogs and play with them, interact and all, they are already two thirds sold...just a thought :) Oh, one last thing....I watched the video on your site of the young man casting a toy out into the water to teach his dog to retrieve...TOO CUTE..and GREAT METHOD!! RANGER went to the beach in Yorktown today for the first time. Since he had already been mobbed by the tourists in Williamsburg, I wasn't sure how he would do with water. So, Jessie and I went in and just called him...HE STOOD AT THE EDGE FOR A MOMENT AND JUMPED RIGHT IN AS SOON AS WE ASKED HIM TO! HE HAD A BLAST AND LOVED BITING THE WATER, SPLASHING AND JUMPING AROUND LIKE A FOOL. :) We could not throw a ball for him to retrieve due to the rip tide today (it would have just taken the ball way out and down the beach and I do not have a rig like the young man in the video) and been far too dangerous for him so we kept him on the leash. The funniest thing was the way RANGER looked at the other German Shepherd out there (didn't even look like they were the same breed) who was afraid of the water and nervous about everything. He couldn't understand why that dog would not get in...It was like he was saying "Dude, chill, come's time to party and cool off! Needless to say...all the children along with their parents came down to RANGER and got pictures to remember their vacation highlights... Just when I think I know everything about Ranger...he teaches me something more about himself...and reminds me about life in general...don't just sit on the gotta sink or jump in and LIVE!!! :) Take care girl and I will be seeing you soon,
 Darlene, Jessie, XENA and RANGER


Thank you again for being such a responsible breeder, as evidenced by your recently posted comments on your website about spaying and neutering.
As you know, we bought Zeus as a much-needed salve to our devastation on our loss of Max to a school bus. We never neutered Max and certainly don’t want to neuter Zeus, either.
Interestingly, Max’s litter mate, Duke, was purchased by a neighbor. That neighbor almost immediately neutered him. The difference in their composition, coat, stature, general health and temperament were astounding.
Duke grew exceedingly tall and slight with a pointed head and snout more like that of a collie than a German Shepherd. He also had the worst coat of any dog, regardless of breed, I’ve ever seen and he was prone to every form of skin disease. He cost his new owners a bundle in vet bills.
Max, on the other hand grew to be a remarkably beautiful animal worthy of and receiving of much erstwhile praise when he was walked in public. People would regularly stop their cars on the road and disembark from behind the wheel just to look at him being walked. He was large but majestic and athletic looking with a very deep chest, broad shoulders and a slim waste.
Quite frankly he was magnificent. We’re certain it was because he was kept natural.
Our Zeus is benefiting from our experience fending off neighbors, other dog owners and our vet who all regularly agitate for him to be neutered. We’re seeing very similar highly-positive changes in Zeus’ composition, stature, disposition and coat as we saw in Max at this age. He too is now a traffic-stopper. By two years of age we expect Zeus to be so beautiful that the NSA may assign a snooping satellite exclusively to track and record his every move, hahaha.
Again, thanks for your hard work as a breeder. We’re forever grateful for your advice, counsel and, of course, for Zeus (9 months now and 94 lbs.)
David, Lorraine, Evan and Sarika


Dear Ricky and Family;
I wanted to touch base and update you on Coda. we had our vet check and the vet said everything looks great and she is healthy girl she weighted in at 12.2 lbs. I carried her in and out and sanitized everything lol. Cant be too careful. Coda has been socializing in the world with Caitie. They have been to Walmart , Hobby Lobby, and to therapy. Coda has done well at getting use to things out in the world, such as carts, large crowds (therapy). We have her training starting at the end of the month , and her vet shots/ rabies/ will be on the 27th.
Coda is so smart: She comes to her name, and we have taught her to fetch, and bring the ball back (she learned it in 10 mins). She is doing good at potty training . I took advice from Zeus's family, and got chewy everything. she loves chewies( as we call them) squeakers. Caitie is very hip, and loves to have her Coda with her.
Coda is going to Dr. Tom with Caitie ,to refill her pump. This will be the appointment where I get the recording of the alarms for training Coda to alert us when it goes off. So it is very exciting for us , and a learning experience as well.
Caitie loves Coda , and enjoys her snuggling up to her for naps.
We have been blessed to have met and found the Giant German Shepherds family. Thank you Thank you Thank you. If we can ever help another child get a great giant please let us know, we are there for you.
Love Caitie and Coda ( Mom ) Fisher

Busy today with work but hadn’t communicated with you for a while and have been feeling bad about it. So, this is just a short note to say that Zeus still the best darned puppy we’ve ever known and continues to exceed our expectations.
David, Lorraine, Sarika and Evan

Ricky and Crystal,
Caitie just loved having Coda with her, and everyone took pictures of them. Caitie made friends. It was the best .
Coda did great but got tired about 40 mins in so Chassie had to carry sleeping beauty.
Potty training is going great. She uses the potty pad and has gotten better about going outside.
Coda is such a blessing to us and she is full of personality, she chatters like our other dogs like she is talking to us and Caitie loves her sooo much, she knows when she is around and loves that she sleeps by her, she loves to pet her.
Thanks so much
vet check date is july 6 at 9:45.

Love Serena and family

06/ 27/2013

It was so great meeting you and Crystal , and Sam. We got home just fine, and Coda rode like a champ, right next to Caitie. We got home, and Chassie my 14 yr old was in awe, and was excited, telling Caitie how pretty her new friend was. My husband was playing with her, and we got into calling her name, so she will get to know we are talking to her.
Coda is a true blessing. She talks to us ,grunts, and whines, telling us stuff like our pugs do . The cat Timon has made a slobbery friend.
Our sleep was great. No ups and downs, she cuddled in, and slept till this morning. I was ready to do potty breaks and such, but she didn't get up, but to move around sleeping positions. If you could have a perfect puppy, she is it. She tinkled outside, but shared poo inside this morning, lol . Eating a bit last night and big drinks too, and this morning was eating more before I left. We have picked her out a cow spot blanket and some toys ( she like timons lil piggy)
Thank you so much. I will keep in touch, We are blessed to have you in our lives.
Oh my daughter asked what perfume you wear it smells so good, she wants to get some.
Love to all Serena Fisher


Dear Ricky ,
just wanted to thank you for your hospitality last week. We can't tell you how much we enjoyed our visit, and getting to see all of your beautiful big big....did I mention BIG dogs. We were so impressed with the dogs and how well mannered and loving they were.
Your Cherry Seven Up coolers were oh so refreshing, when we got home, we went right to the store to buy some. :)
We had been visiting various breeders while on our vacation, trying to decide who to adopt our next German Shepherd from, after the death of our 13 yr. old Buster. You have such a gorgeous place, and we are still in awe that your dogs have their own lake to swim in, and 2 acre enclosures , with big barns to live in. Lucky Dogs!
We all agreed that our search was over after visiting you, so we are sending a deposit as soon as you breed Diamond. We fell in love with her.
Thank you again and give all of your Giant boys a big hug from
Dr. Valerie Overton and Family

06/ 10/2013
Video of Zeus (one of our pups) in water training by his owner
David Walters
ZEUS Water Training


You said, “Thank you so much for your updates.”
It’s you ,who deserve the thanks, for maintaining that wonderful line of “original” GSDs. Everyone who sees him comments on his beauty and confirmation and obedience. Even our trainer is taken with him, and says that he wouldn’t change a thing about him, from his high prey and hunt drive, to overall gentle disposition, to his ease of training.
I remember the first time I went to you website and read about your breeding program goals. Good temperament, natural protective instincts, impressive size, etc.
Girl, you nailed it with this puppy.


It’ took a while and some patience to teach Zeus to swim without having access to another dog who already swims but he’s swimming like a seal now.
We have videos of the latest trip to the lake and will share as soon as I learn how to get them off the smart phone. We overcame his reluctance to swim out into the lake by employing one of his very favorite prey toys which we used to exercise him when he was as young as 8 weeks old, the fishing bobber.
I can cast it well out into the lake and he’ll reliably swim out to try to catch it. Of course, we don’t let him have it every time, but rather, challenge him to aggressively swim to hit and try to capture it. You just won’t believe how zealous he is about this particular prey item.
Everyone is amazed. I’m sure you won’t be as you know your dogs.
David, Lorraine, Evan and Sarika


I just wanted to let you know that I think your dogs are beautiful - I love that you are breeding German Shepherds of old (not overly small or angled as so many show dogs of today are).
I must also tell you that I have never seen someone offer an option for children with Special Needs to have a GSD. This is one of the most wonderful things I have ever seen , and I congratulate you on your kindness. So many children with Special Needs could use a service dog...I wish more breeders of quality animals did the same. We have a Special Needs daughter, but she is now 28 years old. We are looking to find a good dog for her with protective instincts (as most GSD's have!) and if you were closer to us (we live in Ottawa, Ontario Canada) we would certainly consider
Purchasing one of your dogs.
Thank you again for thinking of those children who are so often forgotten.
Take care and best wishes!
Maria Portt


Hi there,
I purchased “Brutus” (Sam & Fancy litter born July 27,2012, Male #2). I have attached a couple of pictures of him for you to see.
Oh my word, what a precious angel he is. I thank you so very much for offering such an incredible and smart boy. In one of the pics you will see my other German Shepherd “Noah” he is a long hair and the two of them are best of friends and get along so wonderful. Brutus is very smart and amazes me of how fast he learns things. He is so loyal to me he is never far from me (his choice) and if he is sleepy he comes to find me and lays on one or both of my feet so if I get up it will alert him and he follows behind.
So if you ever have more that didn’t get sold as a small puppy please let me know. I am glad I got him a little older, as the potty training was so easy. I am wishing you a wonderful day and I hope to hear from you sometime.
Marsha Woods



I just wanted to tell you, I am in awe at your beautiful German Shepherds. You undoubtedly have the finest German Shepherds in the Country today. I have loved the GSD since I was a child and I thought trhe large straight backed types were extinct, but I see that you have preserved their heritage.
God Bless and look for me to be a puppy buyer very soon,
Your biggest fan,

Dr.Jonathon Bridges


Speaking of confidence, now at 5 months Zeus has come a very long ways, indeed. His baby teeth are all gone and only a few replacement permanent teeth continue their full eruption. His permanent fangs are impressive, for sure.
On seeing the progress with his teeth, the trainer said it was time to step up his protection training. Essentially, what he does is go over obedience training for the first 45 minutes. Zeus still has problems with recall but everything else that we want is down pat. That’s why there’s a long leash on Zeus in the picture in the lake.
After that we do bite work. That doesn’t amount to much other than getting Zeus familiar with and tugging on a bite-aid (a two handled jute roll made for the purpose) and then the trainer taking Zeus’ flat collar, stands behind him and allows an assistant to stand about 10 yards off with the jute roll, bend over and strike the ground with it and speak loudly to the dog and play-act like he was aggressive towards the trainer.
The whole thing is about making sure Zeus is confident enough to step forward instead of backing away in the face of a mild aggressor. Zeus does wonderfully now. At first, Zeus just growled and stepped forward. But last session he really got into the swing of things and issued what is now his trademark big dog bark and showed his teeth.
As quickly as this is coming along we don’t have any lingering doubts about his confidence, neither around humans or other dogs regardless of size. His confidence can only get better as he matures and continues to train but at this rate he’ll top out in confidence before a year, we think.
Brinda, I think we got the absolutely best dog on the planet for what we want him to do. He’s loving and lovable. He’s alert to any movement or sounds outside night or day and alerts with a growl or bark calibrated to the degree of threat he perceives. He will stop barking on command. And, he’s beginning to distinguish clearly between what might be a threat and what isn’t (neighbor’s terriers are now ignored completely even when they bark up a storm at Zeus). He’s over his puppy nipping and biting and all chewing is done but for his allowed toys and, especially, the Kongs.
We’re so grateful to you and to lady luck both of whom brought Zeus to us.


Our trainer says that it's very unusual for a GSD to like water. With the attached picture , you can see that Zeus is then an exception to our trainer's experience, huh?
He absolutely loves to play in shallow water. I've not seen him swim, yet. And, we're not pushing him to do so.
But I think it's coming.
David, Lorraine, Sarika and Evan


Comment to the previous Testimonial:

All of my dogs love the water and start swimming , even as young pups.
Your trainers experiences with non water liking GSD's is probably from the Slant Back neurotic types that are being bred today, They do not have any confidence, and their natural inherant water instincts do not exist. I am glad that your trainer knows a good GSD when he sees one :)
Zeus is looking great!!
Giant German Shepherds


Dear Ricky:
I just wanted to say, Hi, and to let you know that Zeus is doing fine and living up to all of our expectations.
He’s about 4.5 months now and weighs almost 60 lbs. He started losing his baby fangs about a week ago and now only one remains. Thankfully, that’s reduced some of the nipping and perhaps we’ll get a break from that altogether in a short few weeks.
We have him in individual class training with a fellow who spent 16 years in the Marine Military Police K-9 Units. He’s going to take Zeus all the way through protection training if Zeus is up for it. We got a great deal with him too as we’ve paid in advance.
Anyway, thanks so much for the dog and all the advice and support. We just couldn’t be happier with our Zeus.
Best personal regards,
David W. Walters, Ph.D.


I hope you share this particular e-mail response with your customers and prospective customers by posting it on your website.
I want to sincerely thank you for not only breeding some of the finest GSDs around, but also, for your very kind and knowledgeable advice after the sale. In the few short months since we brought Zeus home you have advised us on a range of issues from diets to illnesses to training to socializing. You have never been pushy about your advice as many other breeders are. You’re not out to peddle a product and enhance your bottom line like some are. Instead, you are genuinely concerned for the welfare of the puppy and of the puppy’s new family without any hint of self-interest.
But most importantly, each and every time you’ve advise us your suggestions and guidance have been spot on. We are sincerely in your debt for having shared your knowledge with us.
You are easily one the most engaged breeders we’ve ever known both before and after the sale. It is my opinion that you are a very rare find, indeed.
Thanks for all your help.
David W. Walters, Ph.D.
Spring, TX


Your very welcome and I will continue to send you pics and updates on her. She is very well loved she fits perfectly into our family. She is extremely smart and sometimes mischievous. We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful dog you entrusted us with, we have already seen some improvement in our son. He is so proud to tell everyone about his bear. My daughter has really taken to her too and begs to let bear sleep with her but we wont let her cause we made that mistake before and learned that if you let them sleep with one they want to sleep with everyone and as they grow you loss your bed. Lol. My oldest daughter wont let me take pictures of her with bear but she wont let me take any pictures of her but she adores bear and spends lots of time petting her. All of the other dogs have accepted her now and they spend a lot of time racing through my house chasing each other. Its so much fun just to sit and watch them all play the three girls like to gang up on my poor male sheltie. He grumbles but you can tell he is loving having someone not so small to play with.
Thank you again you have given us a wonderful gift that has made the who family happy.
Hope you have a wonderful Valentines.
Tee Holloway


I just registered Bo. His full name is Bo Simba Barkley Eberling. His name is kinda a funny story. The first couple days we called him Bp, but then it sounded to much like "No". So then we changed it to Simba, but that didn't fit, then it went to Barkley and that didn't fit. So then we went back to Bo. We have never had name issues before. He is in puppy training classes and the trainer always makes him an example of what to do. He is training really good. Thanks again.
Angela Eberling

Feb. 09, 2013

About ZEUS:
Hahaha, Brinda, there are times I wish there were no balls in the world he wants me to play ball with him so much.
It’s getting to the point that I can’t recall his face without his jowls crammed with a tennis ball and a sad look on his face seeming to implore me to play more. It’s the first thing he grabs and presents in the morning after we welcome and praise him on awakening.
The trainer said the same about praise. Do it all the time. I hope you don’t find this to be sacrilegious, but the trainer said to praise him as much as you do the Lord. I wasn’t all that comfortable with that analogy, though.
I think we found a winner in that guy.

Feb 10, 2013

About RANGER (6 mos. old)
Hello again! YES it has been too long since we wrote to one another. I have missed our conversations. We took Ranger on a good walk through the woods, over bridges. and "downtown" We haven't been taking him out for walks since I got so sick. At this point...I thought I had ruined him by not socializing him for so long...wasn't sure how long it would take to "reteach" him and at this time I am in no shape to work it out alone. To my surprise he calmed down and was just GREAT on the trails. We ran into some grandparents and their 2 little girls. One was 4 and the other 7 years old. Ranger just LOVED those little girls...kisses from head to toe, hugs, AND he focused enough to do his tricks for them. Anyway, both girls are going to come to our house and play with Ranger. :) They said it was so funny because Ranger looked like a scary big black wolf but did tricks like Lassie...and gave great big bear hugs...they are in love and begged me to let them have him for their very own. I gave them your site address. The grandparent's name is, if you hear from them let me know! Wouldn't that be great? :)
Darlene Gruber

Jan 30, 2013

Dear Ricky:
Zeus continues to progress very well.
On his three month birthday we had him weighed by the Vet. He was 35 pounds 4 ounces. He’s going to be a, well, giant German shepherd, hahaha.
He also has a remarkable amount of stamina on our walks which I try to use to take some of his considerable energy away.
We started off when he was new to us with just about 100 yards. Then around the block which was about a half mile. Then a couple of times around the block or a similar route with a distance of about a mile. He was always quite comfortable with those walks and never showed any sign of fatigue.
We’re now up to between 1.5 and two miles a day with him and it’s only on the very longest walks and on the most warm days that he shows any sign of fatigue at all in the last few hundred yards of the trip. Brinda, he’s a little tank.
We’ll keep the walks to 2 miles or less and vary it each day both in route so he doesn’t get bored and too used to the distance. But it’s only with walks that far does he seem to rid himself of any amount of energy. If he naps for a while after the walk and the mid-day meal we feel like we’re giving him enough exercise.
It’s been good for me too. You know I’m a fatty. Well, the mileage with Zeus coupled with my normal daily routing of walking a mile to and back from the gym seems to be finally peeling off some of the pounds. So, I’m grateful for that too.
Hope all is well and that the new litter is selling well. If you ever need a reference you have but to let me know.
Oh, did Mr. Patel ever call you about a dog? I know his wife went into the hospital right after he and I discussed this. It’s possible he got sidetracked by her illness. But I don’t know.

Jan. 20, 2013

"JAG" 3 mos. old. sent by Mary Anne and Wesley Fletcher

Jan. 16 ,2013

Here is one picture of Bo today. Chris has more that he will send. He is doing great and he is well loved :)
Angela Eberling

Jan. 16 ,2013

I wanted to thank you so much for letting us come yesterday and see the puppies, and most of all for letting us adopt two of them. I have attached the two Contracts and some photos of love and play time today with my grand dog. They are all getting along great and having a lot of fun. We gave the short name of Bubba to the black collared male and Sarge to the green collared male. We already love them so much. Thanks again.
Dorcas Weir


Jan. 01, 2013

Both ears are standing up, erect, and in good conformation. Lorraine says he “finally” looks the part of his bark. Hahaha.
Although every puppy, including Zeus, has some bad habits, Zeus is a lot less dogmatic (pun intended) about them than was our MAX. He seems easier to train.
Also, he seems to have a high ball drive and seems to return the ball to the thrower for another toss out of instinct.
Here’s something funny, we put a small fishing float on the end of a fishing line attached to a 7’ rod and reel set and we drag the bobber along the ground where it bumps and jerks. This incites Zeus to chase it. Of course, he’s not too coordinated yet. So, he seems puppy-clumsy and often trips, face plants and, in general, makes funny misjudgments about how to catch the thing.
The first day we tried this I needed to stop the play as he was unrelenting and I was concerned that he might get overheated and over-exerted. As days past, he got a lot smarter about it and is clearly developing a strategy for catching it. He’s now anticipating the moves of the bobber to the point that he regularly intercepts it. Then he quickly bites through the line and runs off with his prize. It’s all good fun and after a while in the yard playing this game and fetch he sleeps for hours.
His appetite is excellent. We feed him about a cup of dry and about a third of a can of puppy chow three times a day. He seems to never tire of the food and appear ravenous when we put the food down for him. But sometimes he eats too fast and whines a bit until he can get to his water bowl and wash it down.
We’re ever grateful to you and Ricky for allowing us to purchase this puppy. He’s working out so well. It was a terrific Xmas present for Lorraine and the kids.
Our Best,
David, Lorraine, Sarika and Evan Walters

Dec. 28, 2012

We love our puppy, he is doing great. Took him to the vet last weekend and he weighs 19 lbs. He walks with the leash and rings the bell on the back door to let us know he needs to go out. He is one very smart dog.
Thank you again,
Karen & Darryl Fuller
Covington, Texas

Dec. 16, 2012

We are sooooooo in love with our puppy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have not left his side for more than two hours since we picked him up, and of course he loves me! We are still working on not chewing on things except our toys! Have had only a few accidents in the house. I keep my eyes on him 24/7! He is going to make the best dog ever!

MaryAnne Fletcher and JAG.

Dec. 13, 2012

Lorraine named the puppy (Male # 5), Zeus, supposedly the “Father of all gods and of men.”
Anyway, Zeus is doing very well, indeed. What appeared to be lethargy when we picked him up, and during the 1st evening home, has been replaced with vigor and considerable activity. He’s going to be a handful.
By the way, the children just love him.
Thanks so much for thinking of us when the time came to find a new buyer for Zeus. We feel like the luckiest people on earth.
David, Lorraine, Sarika and Evan Walters
12/14/2012 UpDate:
Given that our last shepherd didn’t climb stairs until he was almost three months old, I was amazed to see Zeus climb two flights with barely a whimper today.
May I ask if you guys have stairs in your home and if he already had experience with stairs? If not, this is one courageous little puppy.
Actually, I understand that placing all litter puppies at the bottom of traditional stairs and then calling them from the top of the stairs is one way a prospective puppy buyer can determine which puppies have the most courage.
We didn’t have other puppies to help distinguish Zues’ behavior, of course. He was alone. But if he’s not had stair climbing in his past he is one very brave, fearless and uninhibited puppy.
David, Lorraine, Sarika and Evan

November 26, 2012

Hello Ricky,
Thank you so much for Heinz. He is so sweet. He has already bonded with our daughter, Elva, and she just loves him.
Thank you for making all the arrangements, and getting Heinz to us.
We finally got around to getting you some pictures. Heinz is working out great. He keeps us on our toes, he is pretty smart. The country in the back ground is looking down on Eagle and the Yukon River. On the other side of the river is the Yukon Territory. That is the foot hills of the Ogilvie Mountains.
Hope all is well, take care.
Charlie, Marlys and Elva House
Eagle, Alaska

Charlie and Heinz with the Ogilvie Mountains in the back ground

November 20, 2012

Just wanted to thank you for this HUGE beautiful puppy. We named him Big Bear. We all went to the airport to pick him up. He arrived here just fine, and we thought he would be scared and nervous,but he was laying on his back with all four legs in the air sleeping like a baby lol. He loves all the kids and sleeps with them. Needless to say, we all adore him. Thanks again for making our dream come true. God Bless,
The Harrison Family
NoTrees, Texas

Oct. 16, 2012

Dear Ricky and Crystal, I have so much to share with the 2 of you. :) The first night was interesting to say the least! I am sleeping down stairs in the back with the dogs to establish "pack order". When we first got home, XENA was NOT happy at, each one went to their corners and I gave them chew bones (drum sticks) and they just went to town chomping away...It sounded like wolves eating away at a gingerbread house LOL then, I brought them closer together....chewed some more and I sat between them. Ranger went into the crate and did just great...XENA laid between me and the Ranger. Anyway, both went out around 2;00AM to do their business. Let me tell you, knock on wood cause so far we have not had one accident in the house with Ranger!!! YEAH. He is just so smart and really wants to learn. He is doing so well with you know, he heels with his head not getting past my knee and stays VERY close :) every time I stop, he stops and sits until I move on. I lead with my left leg and that cues him to move on as well. XENA walks on the outside left at this time just a bit in front of him to help with the pecking order...this has worked like a charm. :) BOTH XENA and Ranger sit and wait for me to open the door to come in or go out, wait until I go through the door. Then, I call to XENA first to come and Ranger stays in the sitting position and waits for me to call for him to come. We also have going up stairs and down going through the same drill. It really helps so I don't get knocked down. WHEW! LOL
Ranger is just doing so GREAT! I cannot say enough about him. I see such potential in him. Oh, we are also working on the down command. He will get there by weeks end. He already stays with me walking away from him about 20 feet (in the sit or down position) until I call for him. I am making him stop right in front of me and not take his eyes off of me. He loves to watch XENA and see how she does things. You are not going to believe this, but XENA Poops on command when we go out. Well...Ranger has it down and does it own his own without XENA to show him now! He even did it for the Doctor today at the Vet's office. Everyone LOVED him. He was such a gentleman. He did EVERYTHING I asked of him. He loves to ride in the truck (I gave him hamburger to make it fun) just at first. Then he settled right in the groove of things and loved riding shotgun with me up front, but down in the floor. What a trooper he is. He trusts me so much and I try hard to earn his trust. We will be quite a team. XENA rides in the back, but has to use a special step to get in though she HATES to use proud. I make her though cause I don't want her to get hurt. Oh, I guess you already know but, the VET PASSED RANGER WITH FLYING COLORS! Could not believe his temperament and beauty. Everybody just loved him. He actually fell asleep during his exam! Too funny. He wears himself out playing and checking out everything! I gave the staff your site address so they could look up your dogs. Told them that the studs looked ugly in the pictures compared to how fantastic they were in person! :) Folks were most impressed to say the least !!!. I am doing my best to talk up business for ya'll . Not that I think you need my help. You will do great on your own. BUT, I know folks will be watching Ranger to see how Ranger turns out...then I do see folks coming to you. I really bragged about your dogs and family. Told them how nice everyone was. Oh, remember me wanting to know if Ranger would bark with strangers? WELL HE DOES GUARD THIS PLACE ALREADY :) Brian, my husband had just left, then came back driving up the driveway, and Ranger went off! I mean he jumped (and cleared) 3 steps to get to that van! :) He heard Brian walking through the leaves but could not see him and was just growling and barking. (I have to admit today was one of those days that I was so tickled to have him act that way with my husband) but you didn't hear that from me ;) LOL Anyway, Jessie brought her roommate from college home to see Ranger I got some great pictures to share with you, but Jessie will be home next week to show me how to send them or even to get them out of the computer so I can mail them to Crystal. Her roommate, Neslynn thought Ranger was just like a big huggie bear. They want me to bring him to college next week once he finishes his shots. Jessie wants him to meet all her friends. Yes, XENA is expected to make her Royal appearance as well..OMG :) Tell Crystal that I have not forgotten to send her pictures I just have to get them printed and need to drive to Walmart to get it done. Oh I am naming him, "The Texas Ranger"...but will call him Ranger for short. He has dropped a little weight since he was weighed in Texas... at the vet he was down to 39.25 lbs. Don't know why cause he hasn't had a problem eating...He's just a little PIG!...maybe it was just the stress of the travel and adjusting to a new home and a different dog. He is always on the go wanting to play, check things out...never stops and then just wears himself out! He is so funny, he wants what ever XENA has at the time...even if his toy or treat is bigger...HE just wants HERS. She is getting rather tired of it and sooner or later will let him know what she thinks and how it's gonna be! LOL He even tried to take over her bed! LOL and give her the smaller one! He wants to snuggle with her...she wants nothing to do with it! (Sounds familiar if you know what I mean) :) But, when she gets up, she is very careful not to step on him...she tried to play with him a little today but the weather is changing and it is now cold and rainy so her hips hurt and gave out a bit. It was very sad, but at least on a personal level they are making progress. Okay, I need to take them outside again so I'm gonna go for now. I will write soon.Take care Brinda...I will continue to send the stories and adventures of the 3 of us (XENA, Texas Ranger, and me) to you and Crystal..along with pictures. I am not a member of facebook...need to learn so I can show my babies off! Would just LOVE to say on a shepherd blogg..."Why settle for KRUMMS when you can have a FULL PLATE!! LOL...Please give Jagger and Sambo a tummy rub from me! :) Gonna have a cherry 7up and turn in for the night with the pack.
All my best, Darlene Gruber, XENA, and THE TEXAS RANGER!!! :)

Nov. 06, 2012

Hello Ricky,
Heinz has arrived in Eagle, Alaska, and we already fell in love with him, he is very sweet. Thank-you again.
Charlie, Marlys and Elva House
Eagle, Alaska

Jan. 21, 2011

Wonderful Breeder, Awesome puppy
I was very impressed by how professional and kind and friendly Brinda was and is! I got my little girl from her last Friday the 21st of Jan. Everything went very smooth (other then weather related issues for her). I talked several time with her on the phone for long periods of time, it was a pleasure getting to know her. My puppy is doing wonderful, she is pad trained and crate trained and is just the sweetest puppy. I could not be more pleased. Brinda really puts time and love into her puppies. Thank you Brinda...

Oct 22, 2011

Hi Ricky,
just wanted to let you know that we made it back to louisiana with no problems. Kibble slept around my neck the whole trip.
We are in love with this big guy. The vet said he was the picture of health. Thanks again for your help and patience with us. Hope to see you again soon,
The Camerons
Shreveport, Louisiana

My little puppy is getting big and ran 5 miles yesterday and today.
She is on the right path for becoming marathon dog. Thank you for this  wonderful dog.
Eric Abacassis