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NOTICE: We do not sell to anyone who is also purchasing pups from another kennels. This is usually done by someone who is trying to put a breeding regimen together. If we discover that you do this, we will remove you from the litter and your deposit is forfeited. I do NOT want your business.

Puppies  can be reserved by requesting a contract Invoice, and paying a NON REFUNDABLE $300 deposit when an upcoming litter is announced.

If you are shipping, full payment and copy of Drivers License and a signed purchase  contract  ( I will email it to you)  must be recieved no later than 15 days prior to pick up day.
If you fail to render final payment and shipping fees by the deadline of 15 days prior to puppy pick up day, you will be obligated to pick up the puppy in person on that date. If you are a no show, your deposits and any pre payments will be forfeited and the puppy will be resold.

 I  will always post the pick up date on the website .It is the buyers responsibility to call or write, to confirm they will be here on the designated pick up day. No shows will lose their puppy.

If you abandon your reservation ,Your deposit and any payments made are forfeited. No shows  without notice to me will be black listed. I realize that sometimes things happen  that we have no control over, but please at least call or write if you csannot follow through with getting your puppy.

I  reserve the right to refuse service and sales to anyone.