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Welcome to              
 Giant German Shepherds  

Hello, I am Ricky Thomas, the sole owner, founder, and manager of Giant German Shepherds.

These are working dogs, and are bred to produce some healthy dogs with great dispositions that will be used solely as Guardians, eyes for the blind, assistants to the handicapped, healing companions to Soldiers with PTSD, and for livestock herding dogs.

I have always had German Shepherds , and bred them  along to keep the  breed going for myself and family.  I am a lifelong owner of  the Original, Large, Straight back, disease free, German Shepherd dog. I am a Farmer/ Cattle Rancher and have always used these and other breeds of dogs to help manage my livestock.
We have seen how the German Shepherds have helped Crystal , my autistic daughter,so much, with social behavior and her confidence, as well as watched over her when we are out in the world.
These dogs are a  real life changer for these special needs kids and their parents, and for people who are physically or mentally challenged and need a helping hand.

These dogs are unique, and have been referred to as Giants by people who see them.
They are much larger than the  AKC Standard for German Shepherds, so they are not for everyone. They also shed like crazy and dig holes, chew up your favorite Sunday go to meetin shoes and steal supper off the table. If you lock them outside and they think you need them, they will break a window out in order to get to you, so make sure that you need a shadow before getting one.
There is no greater affection, than that of a Germen Shepherd Dog for his / her Master.

My dogs have not been cross bred with any other breeds, and they all have a 100% straight back and healthy joints.
If  I  have any available pups , I will post them on the puppy page and offer them for adoption.
If you need one of these dogs please call to reserve one.
We ship world wide

Thank you for visiting my website,

Ricky Thomas

My Family's Past History:

A lifelong passion of my family has been for the True , the Original, Classic, German Shepherd dog.
We have been breeding, raising, and training German Shepherd dogs for well over  62  years.
German Shepherd's were, and still are my passion, since I was a small child.

In 1945, after fighting in World War II, My Daddy brought his partner home with him,a huge black and tan male German Shepherd. His name was Major. He became my best friend and slept right next to me every night. I still remember Major and when he died, he took a part of me with him.

Since then, I have always had German Shepherds.

Over the years, it has broken my heart, to see what the show breeders, back yard breeders, and trainers,  have done to the German Shepherd Breed.

In the pursuit of an exaggerated angular slope to the back and rear end, they have been bred into a small, deformed,wobbly, hyper, unusable, unworkable,hip dysplastic animal that I do not recognize anymore. They are a totally different dog and bear no resemblance to the original and true standard that was set for the Alsation (German Shepherd Dog) by its founder.

 Show Breeders and trainers have managed to completely anhialate the breed. They are very small dogs, and have facial characteristics that resemble a possum. Their backs are groseley deformed and humped up, and the rear end falls all the way to the ground held up only by their rabbit like hocks , with legs that are bent up under them. They actually are walking on their hocks. They truly appear to be half rabbit. The new breed  of GSD show lines of today are extremely hyper and unpredictable.

It is unacceptable that the AKC has condoned and supported this practice for so long.

The German Shepherd that walks into a show ring should be representing what the GSD conformation should be like, in order for him to do all of the jobs he was bred to do.

Please read this article on this matter:

There are a lot of breeders out there who claim to be breeding the old style, old fashioned, oversized, straight backed German Shepherd.

From what I have seen, there are indeed a couple of breeders that have some real nice German Shepherds, but most have crossed the GSD with the Belgian Malanois, Malamutes, and Great Pyrenees and some unidentifiable crosses, trying to put size on them, which is a sad thing to see. All you have to do is look at some of these dogs and their breeding is obvious.

The bottom line is...decide what type of GSD you want, and the temperament that best fits your needs , and then contact the breeders who claim to have such dogs, and if the sire and dam are what you want , then pay a deposit on that litter. Do not go to the internet looking for other people's opinions of breeders. There are lots of know it alls ,who love to post their brilliance all over the internet, and dont know squat from squishola. Do your own research and make your own selections based on actual facts.

Ok, climbing off of my soap box...

My childhood hero was Rin Tin Tin. I watched him and Rusty every Saturday morning on TV.
Rin Tin Tin was a very small German Shepherd, weighing only 65 lbs, but he was very smart and all of us kids loved him.

Another of my heroes, was "London", a famous Movie Star German Shepherd dog back in the fifties. I can still remember watching "The littlest hobo" when I was 8 yrs old. I nearly peed in my britches because I wouldnt leave the show seat to go to the restroom.

London is a good example of a German Shepherd that had some Malamute blood in him. Notice the Eye circles and the Nose Bar. It is a known fact that his breeder crossed a lot of his Shepherds with malamutes and then bred back shepherd.

He starred in "The Littlest Hobo" (1958) - "My Dog Buddy" (1960)
(TV Series)

about a german shepherd (played by a dog named London) who wanders from place to place, helping people in trouble.
London's owner and trainer, Charles (Chuck) P. Eisenmann, brought him and his three brothers to Odessa, Texas in 1958 for the premier of "The Littlest Hobo".
They pulled up in front of the Movie House in a 1956 Cadillac, and all the dogs were riding in the back seat. When they unloaded, I was in love. I got to hug London's massive neck and he licked me all over my face.
He was enormous and beautiful.His head was wide and massive, with a huge jowel that hung down on the sides to roll into the powerful neckline and shoulder. His back was straight and strong .He had large soft eyes with a wrinkled brow. Ears straight up and very tall He must have weighed 140 lbs. or better. I will never forget him as long as I live.

I am very proud of the dogs that I have bred and raised over the years. They are large dogs with heavy bone. They stand erect with strong straight backs and are very well balanced. My dogs do not have hip dysplasia and although it can happen to any GS dog and other breeds as well, mine are not likely to produce pups with it.My dogs will have good temperaments, but will protect their family. I am a breeder, who produces highest quality, healthy puppies that will grow large and strong and look like a German Shepherd should. They will have the best temperaments you can find.

You will see a lot of big GSD's out there but most are just tall with no bone mass or muscle. There is a difference.  When you begin your search for a  GSD Breeder, take note of the pictures they post. Most will not show you the backs, because even though they advertise that they raise straight back GSD's...some are hiding their  roach back dogs. You can only see the head, or they will post the dog with a small child to make the dog look bigger or  to hide a  physical defect.
When I search for outcross blood, I am always so disgusted at how I am decieved by some of these breeders. There is one breeder who advertises Old Fashioned oversized dogs, who is now buying the slant back dogs and breeding them. Im just careful and choose wisely.

I usually welcome visitors, but with the Parvo epidemic sweeping across Texas, I have shut down visitation from passers by and Kennel cruisers, for fear of passing the virus to my dogs.
However, if you have a deposit paid on a puppy, we will allow you to visit.

I breed , raise, and train the Real German Shepherd Dogs for Companions,Family pets, Estate and Family Guardians, and Service Dogs for autistic children. I do occasionally have pups available for sale to companion, pets, family dogs,  or service homes.

I hope you enjoy the website and the dogs.