This Kennels
 is named
 "Giant German Shepherds" , because, my dogs are above and beyond the  standard size.

First I would like to say that I have never had  hip or elbow dysplasia, or Degenerative Myelopathy in any of my lines. I guess it can happen to any  breed of dog, but I attributte our healthy dogs  to smart breeding and disease free bloodlines. My Dad taught me early on how   to avoid genetic diseases.
I saw on one Large German Shepherd breeder's website where she claims that all Old Fashioned Large type German Shepherds come out of her lines...NOT TRUE.  You will not see ANY of my dogs in her pedigrees, or in any others' lines. I do not sell to or trade with other Kennels.
My goal has always been, to maintain,and preserve, the magnificent Classic , Original, German Shepherd Dog".  The HEALTHY "Alsation"

My dogs have Stable, calm dispositions,straight strong backs and hocks, having the physical and mental characteristics of the true and original German Shepherd Dog.

You will find my dogs easily trained, with good to excellent ball and prey drives.

I produce a dog that can be a trusted family member , can be your loyal companion, be a service animal to a special needs person, guard your estate , Lead the blind, do police work,and be competitive in Agility and herding livestock work. He was originally bred to do all of these things, and he did it well.
My avg.female dogs will range from 85  to 120 lbs.  Some larger.
My Avg. Males will range from 100 to 150 lbs. Some larger

Owning a dog is a big responsibility and I want my pups to go to homes that want a GSD for what he is bred to be, and NOT just to be a big trophy dog.

I will compare my dogs to any German Shepherds anywhere. I havent seen any nicer ones .

If you get a pup from me, You will be happy you did.