Puppies are selected on puppy pick up day, in order of who paid their deposit first, and so on down.
Puppies will be shipped ASAP after  puppy pick day.

We will send you a PAY PAL invoice to pay the deposit when you have been approved and are ready
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The Truth about Spay/Neuter

 2017 Prices:
Reservation Deposit is $300
Male Puppies:     $1,800     
Female Puppies: $1,600
Female AKC Breeding rights:  $4,000.
Available to approved breeders only.     
All Military past and present  get a $100 discount ( does not apply to pups already discounted)
Autistic Children and PTSD afflicted Military personnel can apply for a free puppy through our Wish List Program with a Doctor's diagnosis.

NOTE: final payments are due in cash when the puppy is picked up at 8 weeks old,
Please bring your driver's license, as it must match the name and address of the person who is buying the puppy. No license No puppy.

If you are shipping, Full payment, signed Contract, and copy of Drivers License must be recieved no later than 15 days prior to pick up day.
If you fail to render final payment, contract, and shipping fees by the deadline of 15 days prior to puppy pick up day, you will be obligated to pick up the puppy in person on that date. If you are a no show, your deposits and any pre payments will be forfeited and the puppy will be *resold.
NOTICE:  We do not sell puppies to people who are also buying from other breeders, so please do not place a deposit on one of our puppies if this is your plan.
We communicate with other breeders, and always know who is doing this. We concieve that you are trying to make a breeding pair without paying for breeding rights,  and there is nothing that makes me madder.
If you are guilty of this , your deposit is forfeited ,and you are banned from ever buying from us again. Most of the other breeders will also black list you.