Meet Giant German Shepherd's

OO7 will be 1 year old on January 12, 2019. A son of Texas Ranger &  Daphne. He is joining our Stud line up in 2019. I have test bred him to two maiden bitches, who will deliver in January  2019.  I can't wait to see his pups.
He stands 30" at the shoulder and  a lean 120 lbs. He will grow until 2 yrs. old and then will fill out. Piercing Gold eyes . A super nice temperament, He is a very impressive young dog .
            Meet Giant German Shepherd "BOOZE"(Rex Rose )   14 weeks old      
                      owned and loved by the Velagapudi Family

                                                                               when he was 8 weeks old

                 Giant German Shepherd "Sammy"(Rex x Magnolia)  1 yr. old      
                                       and his master
owned and loved  by the Farhat Family

Meet Cosmo   
                                                                               9 mos. old   (Sam x Rose)

We'd like to give you an update on our puppy, Cozmo (son of Rose and Sam). He's now 9 months old and approximately 90 lbs. As you can see from the photos he's never far from our other 2 children, and has been getting along great with them. He truly believes he's just one of the kids. ?? This summer we took him on his first road trip to the Washington coast and he did great in the car and throughout the trip. I can't believe how strong he's become, but still incredibly gentle and sweet! We couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family.
Hope all is well with you and yours!

The Isgreens

Giant German Shepherd  ZEIN (Texas Ranger  x Daphne ) ( 8 mos. old) loving his mama RAMONA TIBRIN

                                                                                           John and Colt 45

                                                                              Ricky and Jeager