I can no longer condone the unethical practices of the American Kennel Club,
 while they promote and encourage the breeding and  disfigurement of the German Shepherd Dog. Each year they turn a blind eye to the show lines  being bred to have a deformed and drasticlly sloped back , and the elevated percentage of hip dysplasia in those dogs. It is unnatural and does not exhibit what a healthy German Shepherd Confirmation should be.

Also , The AKC called me yesterday and demanded to come and inspect my breeding records, and they want the names, addresses , phone numbers, email, and any financial information of all the puppy buyers.  I refused to give them that information, as it is a serious infringement on the privacy of myself and my customers.
They had the nerve to call back today and demand to inspect my employees homes. That is insane. They are trying to intmidate me into giving them the names and info they want.

I did some online research and found out that they are selling all of that information  for big bucks. It all goes to Marketers and Lord knows where else and then they resale it.
Now I see why every time I register a litter, I get tons of phone calls, e-mails and even the puppy papers come back with the envelope stuffed with lots of ads and solicitation to get me to buy  from all these other people. Im sure that they paid AKC big time to be added in with the Puppy papers Pkg. I know they dont do it for free.
 Personal information being harvested and sold and then spread out and resold all over the country. Thats how we get victimized by stolen identities and our lives ruined.
Please be assured that I have never,  and will never release your information to anyone. I am in the process of looking into other Registries.
A lawsuit needs to be filed againt the AKC for doing this.

I would encourage people to no longer register their dogs with the AKC in order to protect your personal information, as well, as to protest against the  current standard they have for the German Shepherd dog.  I know I will never register another dog through them.

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