Texas Bred , German Shepherd puppies with a guarantee.
You cannot buy healthier German Shepherd puppies anywhere

My Breeding Dogs' Hips and Elbows
certified clear of Dysplasia by the OFA
My dogs are all AKC Registered
My Dogs are all DNA tested or cleared by parentage of Degenerative Myolopathy
All of my dogs are 100% straight backed,
with no crippling spine curvatures.
All of my dogs, are OFA Certified  clear of hip or elbow dysplasia by  x-ray or by Parentage.
Dispositions you can absolutely trust with your children.
Celebrating  62 Yrs. of raising and loving the True Classic Giant German Shepherd, right here in TEXAS, where everything is BIGGER!
Anyone else claiming to have Giant German Shepherds is useing my Business name to sell their dogs.
Giant German Shepherds is not a different breed of dog. It is  my Foundation  name and signifies the authenticity of our  line of the true and original,  large, straight backed, German Shepherd dogs, which are near extinction.